I haven’t! But I’ll totally check it out today during my break at work. I do love a good romance story. I was so easily found out haha!


Oh yeah it kind of does huh? I found Strawberry Seafoam when it was still on discover and fell in love with how the artist does the colors. That’s goals for me some day.


I just found out from daily featured. Reasons why I can’t relate the discovered squad :joy:


I don’t know why but this made me laugh a little. Am I and the readers strange?

Edit: Ok, it went dark man. This is like the game bendy ><


ooooo it went dark? Definitely sounds like my kind of webtoon - thanks for recommending it! What else have you picked up reading recently?


Just this and for featured I found

This has some i Robot mix with that old movie about a smart computer who plays games with a boy and tries to nuke the country.


Great, another recommend from google.

The author is Winter Moon and it’s just a prologue :joy:


Goodness - you are some sort of webtoon treasure box! Seriously! Thanks for all your recommendations! They will keep be busy whilst I wait for all my usual webtoons aha (can’t wait for holidays to binge on webtoons - what about you? Any plans for Xmas hols?)


Should thank google XD (Eh, my holidays are pretty same like every normal days which I’m ok. Doesn’t matter about food either :joy:)


I love this! Thank you featured!


Has anybody read “Doctor Frost”? None of my friends who read webtoons have gotten into it and I need to rant about how LINE isn’t uploading season two in English translation. (I’m Korean so I did read the Naver version but my Korean skills are nowhere near as good as my English skills so I had no idea what was going on half the time.)


Haven’t but someday I might. I also need to read other old completed ones too : /

It turn into a Kdrama also right?


sweet home is cool i guess


yeah, though I haven’t watched the kdrama version cuz I couldn’t find it. I heard it wasn’t as good as the original, though


I only discovered Webtoons recently, so I haven’t read more than a handful of comics sadly - but out of the few I’ve read these are my favorites


I haven’t read the others yet, but Bastard is also a favorite of mine. (Probably in my top two list.) I usually don’t read long webtoons because I feel like they drag on at times, but I don’t remember thinking that way for this one.


I don’t know if you’ve ever read Space Boy but it’s my favorite webtoon of all time. Probably my favorite story of all time. Like I can’t put into words what a godsend this story is to me. The writing is some of the best I’ve read and really if he had written it as a novel it would still be just as amazing, the incredible art is just a bonus. It’s a Scifi adventure romance and it will stand the test of time.

Stephen McCranie is a fantastic storyteller. Please give his webtoon a shot, I’ve shown it to some friends and they said it blew them away.


Based on google, kissasian, fastdrama has it but I would have ad blocker or security :eyes: That’s with every drama site though…


True beauty is hilarious and I 10/10 recommend :pensive::fist:t5::fist:t5:Okay I’ll go noWwwW


Personally I love Webtoons and I normally use the Line App to read because I’m killing my sight at midnight in total darkness.

But I’m more into the fantasy genre like Noblesse, Tower of God, Rebirth, Dice, UnOrdinary, Athena Complex, even if romance is present and some slice of life webtoons like A Budgie’s Life, Boyfriend of the Dead, Saphie, Small World, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend and so on.

I read Cheese in the Trap when it was still ongoing and I left it midway because I got soooo bored with all the complication, flasbacks that I did not see the point of waiting a week for another chapter that would leave me unsatisfied.

That’s why when I think I have found a good webtoon but the wait kills the feeling of smoth transition I leave it to revisit when it has more episodes I can binge read.