I haven’t! But I’ll totally check it out today during my break at work. I do love a good romance story. I was so easily found out haha!


Oh yeah it kind of does huh? I found Strawberry Seafoam when it was still on discover and fell in love with how the artist does the colors. That’s goals for me some day.


I just found out from daily featured. Reasons why I can’t relate the discovered squad :joy:


I don’t know why but this made me laugh a little. Am I and the readers strange?

Edit: Ok, it went dark man. This is like the game bendy ><


ooooo it went dark? Definitely sounds like my kind of webtoon - thanks for recommending it! What else have you picked up reading recently?


Just this and for featured I found

This has some i Robot mix with that old movie about a smart computer who plays games with a boy and tries to nuke the country.


Great, another recommend from google.

The author is Winter Moon and it’s just a prologue :joy:


Goodness - you are some sort of webtoon treasure box! Seriously! Thanks for all your recommendations! They will keep be busy whilst I wait for all my usual webtoons aha (can’t wait for holidays to binge on webtoons - what about you? Any plans for Xmas hols?)


Should thank google XD (Eh, my holidays are pretty same like every normal days which I’m ok. Doesn’t matter about food either :joy:)


I love this! Thank you featured!