WeCreate Summer Writing Camp!

WeCreate Summer Camp is a creative space for readers, writers, and designers looking to interact and develop their ideas with likeminded people!

If you’re interested in joining the WeCreate Discord server or just want to learn more, you can find more information on the WeCreateCamp profile. We host weekly Prompt Wars to help writers, and there is always an open critique channel for writers who need assistance.

Click here to join the server!


Btw everyone, it should be noted that this is of course not just limited to during summer (just that students might generally be more active then)

Hello :smile:

Directing people to do off-site things such as join chat rooms isn’t allowed in the clubs. You can share this information on your profile if you’d like :smile:

I’m going to have to close your thread.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kay - Community Ambassador :xkaydotx: