Weird glitch, deleted user?

Weird. I only know that you can’t view a person’s profile or their stories if you’ve muted them (and vice versa) or if they’ve deleted their profile, but I’ve never heard of it happening like this. There aren’t private profiles…yet.

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It’s probably a glitch that needs a ticket sent in then.

It’s odd. I can see her entire profile as long as I access it from my notifications directly. It’s only this specific user and it’s every comment. Very centralized if it’s a glitch

It’s someone that deleted their own profile. Their comments are still there for if they return and their username is still open. It means a deactivated user essentially. The user is still in archive and their comments are still there.

How does that work if they’re still making comments?

I’m not sure that’s it. I’m looking at her profile now. She’s leaving comments.

What’s the username? It might just be delayed notifications coming in, etc. I can try checking on my account and see if I find them.

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That user doesn’t exist anymore. Just checked.

Yep nothing on my end either. You might’ve received delayed notifications due to them deactivating their account.

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So weird. Halloween is over, no need for ghosts! I see deleted people, I guess. I see it fine even after going elsewhere and coming back.

Haunted by a Wattpad Ghost


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If you clear cache, it’ll probably disappear. Profiles can take 24 hours to fully disappear after deactivation.

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No, i dont think there will ever be private profiles

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Oof, that’s spooky. :eyes:

Wattpad could have also just deleted their account for any rule violations (if there were any) if they didn’t delete their account on their own. But we’ll never know.

I have no idea how to do that on the app.

This would’ve made a decent short story for Halloween.


Write it for next Halloween. :eyes:

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Haha I may

My Wattpad Ghost
Coming Fall 2020

But in GRRM fashion, more like 2030.

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Hi there :wave:

I’ve moved your thread to the Wattpad Feedback Forums club as it would be best suited for your question, and there’s a chance you might find an answer there. I’d also suggest submitting a ticket if you haven’t done so yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for understanding
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