Weird Message on Reddit

I just got this message on reddit, and they’re referring to my display name I use on Wattpad… Has anyone else gotten this? I’m a part of the wattpad subreddit so I suppose that’s how they know who I am on here.

image image image image

Fixed the out of order messages.

Feels like a Dreame/ficfun sort of message.

Is the email @ jianlaiglobal .com? Because if it isn’t I would be extremely skeptical about it being legit.

Even if it is legit, it does seem like that, yes.

Hey! theres no publishing company in New York with that name but there is a Redit post calling this a scam I can share the link to

The website she linked is that, but the email is a Gmail.

Please do. I’m skeptical by nature, but I’m sure I’m not the only one on the subreddit to get this message, so hopefully any others that may be on fence will see this.

The folks over at Industry Insiders were just discussing this last week.


Thanks for the link.

I guess they’re poaching wattpadders through other websites they track us on now :roll_eyes:

It’s to be expected. Just a matter of how one deals with these kinds of things. :grin:

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Smells like a scam

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I’m always iffy after reading all the Dreame stuff going on a while back. It seems like these Chinese publishing scams multiply by the minute.

The WP subreddit has a lot of newbie authors who might not use forums, and I hope they aren’t getting poached for a middle man service they don’t even need

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I’m not sure if it’s possible to link the thread I just posted to Reddit - but if it is, could you direct those authors to it? It’s better to leave some kind of warning up, even though they might not come here themselves.

I just posted there and linked it!

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