Weird Things You Do When Writing

Here’s one I’ve been into a few years now: playing your favourite music in slow motion. Your favourite songs might sound incredible if you play them at half-speed on Youtube (I recommend What’s My Age Again? by Blink 182 for a strong example). Otherwise, you can drag songs from iTunes into iMovie and do all sorts of things with the speed, making stuff sound as chipmunk or demonic as you like.

Interesting. When writing I sometimes use my hands to find a word I’m looking for, like I’ll motion like I’m grabbing for a word. It always works.


I read everything aloud as I am writing often multiple times, and I often imagine that there is another person in the room listening to the story or the sentences. (It’s something that I am sensitive about due to my mother’s mental illness.) When living with roommates, I have always told them about the habit, so they don’t end up thinking I am completely batshit insane. Just a little insane. Not too much. :alien:


I do that too :slight_smile:

I know what you mean - for some reason, when I read something I’ve written out loud to myself, I often picture I am in front of English class in high school.

I react to things my characters do or say, as I’m writing them.

For example if my character says something sassy or funny, I’ll react like it’s my first time seeing it and I wasn’t the one who wrote it.

If I’m writing something sad or emotional, I’ll start getting sad etc. Again, as if I wasn’t the one who wrote it. :sweat_smile: idk what’s wrong with me.


This is ADORABLE. I love this. :black_heart:


If I’m writing something dramatic or romantic I’ll pretend I’m the main character and say the phrases out loud to get a feel of how I want them to talk like in that very moment loool


If I get stuck on what I was trying to say, I’ll just type random letters(i.e: kjasdlknaodnafjibnaknakfv) until I remember what I was going to write lol. It actually really helps me a lot for whatever reason and I discovered this method by all of the last minute essays I did in school…

I also leave my notes/reactions in parentheses on the side so when I come back to the scene later(whether it’s to edit the first draft or if it’s because I couldn’t get the rest of it out) I know exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it the first time.

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Thank you. lol I thought I was weird.

I do a lot of… interesting things :rofl:

  1. I drink red wine with a bunch of raspberries in the glass,

  2. I’ll listen to either Celtic, rock, punk, or metal music,

  3. I often forget to hydrate so at the end of my writing sessions, I’ll chug two glasses of water,

  4. I bite the inside of my cheek when I’m thinking about a scene I need to fix.


That’s a good music taste. Check out Nine treasures, Azurah, Sekinin tenka and Communion of thieves.

But also don’t ignore the songs of the Bretons. They’re a Celtic ethnic group and also
a race in the Elder scrolls games.

I’m thinking about bands and video games I like so I can put references about them in my books.
Why? Because only a small part of people can have a laugh.

I often write long handed in the bath tub. We have a large Jacuzzi. The next day I’ll type what I wrote the day before into my word processor, but don’t really look at what I wrote in the bath tub, except maybe just a glance to jar my memory. I don’t know how weird it is, but I do find that writing everything twice really helps.

Actually that reminds me of how most of my own writing gets done these days. When I have a nine hour shift at the checkout register, I will print out empty receipt rolls and jot down a a few words each time a customer goes through the process of swiping their card. I have plastic food containers holding countless draft scripts at my desk now.

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I’ll do something similar to this, too. I’ll talk out loud my writing plots and occasionally act out scenes to see if the emotions and actions and stuff are believable :laughing: So I’ll be making faces, flailing around, and talking like a crazy person when I really get into my stories

I had a friend in my CW class who did the same thing. I discovered she did this when I look act her screen that was supposed to have a short story on it. I was like: “Yeah…That’s some creative writing you got there…” :laughing:

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Lmao my friends judge me so hard for doing this but it really does help me think better.

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I know about the Bretons, though they’re not around anymore since they were either killed off or moved into Cornwall or Wales.