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yeah exactly. haha you guys had me panicking for a sec there :joy: definitely not how I meant to come across lol.

Well night guys :sweat_smile:

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I’m always amused by people’s mental image of me.

So amused that I let them continue to be wrong. c:


Night! :heart::crescent_moon:


Good night! Sweet dreams!

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People always assume I’m younger based on how I look.


Not really, I need the space for mandatory courses now that I’m entering fourth year (omygod I just finished my third year of uni) so I’ll have to see. They’re like 9 credit courses (average course is 3 credits) so they eat up too much space

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I know you’re smol

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I never had a picture that wasn’t me (besides when I put my dog up a couple times for funzies) and now I’m curious what everyone’s image of me would have been :joy:


Priorities first. Where do you plan on going after your fourth year?

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I have no idea

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Hm, I wonder what people’s mental image of me is like.

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Perfectly acceptable. At least you still have a year.

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yeah for sure, I want to take up an internship to let myself try and make connections at least

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Smart. :+1:

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Oh? How old are you and what do people assume?

I’m 20 and I got told I look like I’m 13.

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Right now it’s a limbo, got no idea what I want to do in life since I don’t want to get eventually sick of something

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Yes, I’m smol. Being smol isn’t always fun.


I told you already. Faceless blob.

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I am used to being smol too but not as smol as you

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Faceless blob.

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