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Questions in the Society?


Yeah, I think you logged it all already.


Yep. He stopped answering there roughly 11 hours ago


Then you’re all caught up. :ok_hand:


Congrats! You’re almost done! :blush:


Ugh, I wish.

Then I’ve got to prep for med school.


Never mind then. Good luck on the MCAT!


Thank you! I’m not talking it until next year though.


I know. But it’s such a long test.


Ugh, I know. :sob:


Okay, I’ve missed so so so much o.o


A mood :sob:


The forums just kept crashing for me for a few days and I couldn’t catch up ;-;


Oh noo, are you on the tag list? The re-cap will tell you everything that’s happened :sob:


I am, so I should be able to catch up quickly ^^

I know almost a full day passed without any major events



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Can’t believe that worked.


What now? We try the same shit in the workshop and catacombs?



Now what. The basement’s destroyed and by extension the whole of the old church…