Welcome to Great Hall! ⚡ Part 25 ⚡ Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald! Who's excited?!



I’m missing out the fun :frowning: xD How was it? Did you like it? I’m hearing mixed reviews. Though, thankfully no spoilers so far. Phew! xD


Would You Rather…

  • Get attacked by Cornish Pixies.
  • Get attacked by a Blast Ended Skrewts.

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Also, reason for your answer?

This is rather fun xP


You didn’t miss much. I’m half and half on it. I loved the movie due to the fact that I am biased when it comes to Rowling and the wizarding world, but at the same time like; come on now, Rowling should’ve known better about what she wrote in the original series to tie it back to fantastic beasts

And cornish pixies. I don’t like things that crawl hah


Woah, what does that mean? o.o I probably should watch it asap. Dang it! xD


And, I agree. I choose cornish pixies as well. Other one stings and sucks blood, right? xD


You should bc I can’t say anything else without spoiling it ha but it just kind of butchered a few details, and Rowling being Rowling, she should’ve caught it before she wrote the script.
And yeah. The skrewts just remind of me big scorpions… And that’s a big no-no


Ah, I’m guessing it’s something big xD I need to clear up my schedule :grimacing:

Yep, true.


From this point on… I’ll watch the FB movies, but I think I’ll stick to what’s written in the original books and think of anything else that she writes about the world as canonized fan fictions lol maybe.

I made a promise that I’d watched whatever movies about the wizarding world in theaters and I’ll stick to it, but yeah the movies… My goodness ha


Woah, canonised fanfictions? Interesting xD

Yeah, I agree. I’ll take any chance I get to go back to the wizarding world. xD


Its just that there are some plot holes that just didn’t really make sense ha


Oh damn… :grimacing: Hopefully I can watch the movie in a week or two. fingers crossed


Yes. Watch it. Bc I’m going ballistic not being able to talk about it


Will do. :+1:


Haha good :hugs:


Can I try? lol

Would you rather…

  • Go on an adventure with Harry Potter
  • Go on an adventure with Newt Scamander

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I for one… I don’t know haha


Come on, it’s pretty obvious!


Hahah well for you! Lol I’m torn between going on an adventure with Harry during like the Triwizard tournament, or finding the beasts with Newt


Newt has Niffler


I think that’s very important thing to consider


Idk. Haha Bc I like adventure and action, but at the same time, the creatures that Newt finds are amazing lol