Welcome to Great Hall! ⚡ Part 29 ⚡ At Woolworth stands the American Phoenix -- MACUSA!


Welcome back to Part 29 of the Great Hall!
It’s good to see y’all again!
The Great Hall is the discussion center for all the Harry Potter fans on Wattpad to have conversation with each other, play games, and just fangirl/boy all the way.

Rules for the community :

● No harassment or rude behaviour of any kind to the fellow members of this group.
● If you haven’t read/watched any of the Harry Potter books/movies, and you’re just here to troll, please stay away.
● Please don’t advertise your stories here. FYI, there’s a specific space for advertising called ‘Share Your Story’.
● Follow wattpad rules.
● If you wanna get tagged, let me know your Hogwarts House.
● Last, but not least, have fun!


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Previous House Points:-

Gryffindor: 805
Hufflepuff: 320
Ravenclaw: 994
Slytherin: 881

Congratulations to Ravenclaw House!! The Eagles wins the House Cup with a total of 994 points!!

Current House Points:-

Gryffindor: 100
Hufflepuff: 100
Ravenclaw: 100
Slytherin: 100

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Previous Quidditch Points:-

Gryffindor: 190
Hufflepuff: 450
Ravenclaw: 40
Slytherin: 320

Let the yellow and black confetti rain! The Hufflepuff Team wins the Quidditch Cup with a total score of 450 points, making this their third win in a row!

Congratulations, Badgers! :clap:




Rules for the game :

1- Every House starts out with 100 points. Because if anyone breaks the rules, then we could deduct house points.

2- Points will be added and taken by:

Last comment on the thread (killing the thread) gets you 50 points. No back-to-backs, i.e. give other people chance. It can be the same House but not the same person.

Writing spoilers without warning gets -50 points deducted from your House.

Breaking thread rules as well as wattpad laws causes -10 points deducted from your House.

Unnecessary spamming is prohibited on this thread, and can get -5 points deducted from your House.

The best way to rack up House points is to participate in the WSI Of The Day (and other games) and the Mini Tournaments.

3- The chosen ones (@CrownedMadness & @Iveyn-Adler) counts the points.

4- The House Cup will be awarded to the House with the most points at the beginning of every new thread.


Rules for the game :

1- Quidditch Cup is totally separate from the House Cup.

2- Quidditch Cup is organised as a game of Two Truths and One Lie. The Judges will post a set of 3 HP statements. The task is to find one lie among those three statements.

3- The Quidditch Judges are @CrownedMadness and @Iveyn-Adler. Their job is to create sets for this game, post them in right moments as well as adding and counting Quidditch Points scored by the Houses. Decisions of Quidditch Judges are final.

4- Posts presenting the sets will have special coding as to make them easily noticeable.

5- The game of Quidditch will be played between two Houses. For example:- In a match of Gryffindor vs Slytherin, these two Houses will receive ONE set and has to compete against each other to be the first one to give the correct answer and win the match (more details in rule #8).

a- There will be six matches per thread in total (Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff, Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw, Gryffindor vs Slytherin, Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff vs Slytherin and Ravenclaw vs Slytherin.) Their order will be changed every thread.

b- To give answer simply comment it on the thread, tagging one or both Judges in your post. You should also state your House. Posts not meeting those requirements wont be read by Judges.

c- Only members of the particular Houses competing are allowed to post an answer. Giving answer for the set meant for different house than yours will result in Judges stopping the match. No points will be awarded to any of houses taking part in the match and the person responsible will be charged with penalty (more details in rule #8e).

d- Any member of the House competing in the match is allowed to answer. However, there can only be one answer from a House at a time.

For example: Gryffindor vs Slytherin match takes place; one of the Judges posted a set.

Gryffindor student A gives an answer (that of course meets the rule #5b conditions) statement 1 is a lie. Once the person posts this, Gryffindor House has to wait until one of the Judges confirms if student As answer is correct or not. If confirmed wrong, the Gryffindor House can try again and post a new answer.

Regardless, Slytherin House is allowed to post their answer (if they havent already).

e- Once a House has won the match, the opponent House has only one chance to post their answer.

f- Players arent allowed to edit their answers. If they made a mistake they should make another comment adding that it is a corrected version and the previous one was a mistake. But, keep in mind, corrected comment should be written before Judges check the previous one or it wont be counted.

g- If neither of the two Houses gives correct answer before a new match begins, the match ends anyway and new one begins.

6- Schedule:-

Post 1000 - The Judges will post a reminder saying the Quidditch Match will begin soon. They will also post the order of the matches and answer any questions you might have.

Post 1250 - Match 1 (two houses receive set made by @Iveyn-Adler)

Post 2500 - Match 2 (two houses receive set made by @CrownedMadness)

Post 3750 - Match 3 (two houses receive set made by @Iveyn-Adler)

Post 5000 - Match 4 (two houses receive set made by @CrownedMadness)

Post 6250 - Match 5 (two houses receive set made by @Iveyn-Adler)

Post 7500 - Match 6 (two houses receive set made by @CrownedMadness)

Post 8750 - End of Quidditch Cup, Judges posts final results.

7- Incorrect answers from the Houses will receive 10 Quidditch Points for effort. But, keep in mind, there can only be one incorrect answer from a House in a match.

8- The first House to answer right gets 150 Quidditch Points, and the second House gets 20 Quidditch Points.

9- Lack of any answer from a House doesnt gain or lose any Quidditch Points.

10- Answering the set not meant for your House (as described in rule #5c) or disrupting the match you dont take part in will result in losing 10 Quidditch Points AND 10 House Points from the responsible persons House.

11- The House with the highest number of Quidditch Points wins the Quidditch Cup.


For hungry House members craving House points!

What’s the Mini Tournament and how does it work?

The mini tournament is a small quiz game for the four Houses to rack up House points. Each House handles over one tournament, and the alloted House puts up a HP-related and/or FB-related question. All the remaining Houses are open to answering.

What kind of quizzes are played?

TRIVIA: Where HP and/or FB-related questions are asked.

GUESS THAT SCENE: Where the questioner post an image from an HP/FB movies and the player tries to guess the movie and what happens in that scene.

The Official Order of the Matches :-

GRYFFINDOR : Post 200, 1000, 1800, 2600, 3400, 4200, 5000, 5800, 6600, 7400, 8200, and 9000.

HUFFLEPUFF : Post 400, 1200, 2000, 2800, 3600, 4400, 5200, 6000, 6800, 7600, 8400 and 9200.

RAVENCLAW : Post 600, 1400, 2200, 3000, 3800, 4600, 5400, 6200, 7000, 7800, 8600 and 9400.

SLYTHERIN : Post 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4000, 4800, 5600, 6400, 7200, 8000, 8800 and 9600.

Thats 48 matches in total. 12 matches for each House.

The Rules and Point System :-

1- The first House to answer gets 10 points, the second one gets 5 points and last one gets 3 points.

2- If a designated House fails to put out the question, -5 points will be deducted from their House Points.

3- The points will be given to the specified House. It doesnt matter how many members from the same House answers correct. Only the first answer from the House will be considered.

4- When answering, be sure to state your House name. Comments not meeting this requirement wont be considered.

5- After posting your answer, do not edit your answer. If you forgot to mention something quote and reply to your post that moment itself.

6- The questioner has every right to deduct points if they find the answers not up to par or if the answerers actions are unjustifiable. The Chosen Ones (@CrownedMadness & @Iveyn-Adler) will only interfere if the questioners decision is questionable.

7- Each House has a 24 hours time slot for both answering as well as posting their tournament question.

Good luck, everyone!

PART 28 isn’t done yet, btw.

Hello Everyone! Big HP Fan here, I am in Gryffindor (as it states above I guess). My patronus is a husky.

Would love to chat more

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Please remove me from Slytherin and other taglists

'Ello there! Welcome back! Btw, the old thread (part 28) isn’t done yet. If you’d like, come over there and have fun. :blush:

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Absolutely. No worries. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! :blush: