Welcome to the Magical Forest || A Chat Thread




How could you!?



She doesn’t like working at a gym. She’d rather work as a paranormal investigator in Japan. But, in order to do that she needs to dye her hair blonde to become Namine so she can fit in among the populace. Problem is, she also has to die her body in the next Marvel Avenger Movie so she can become a nobody. Ergo, she is offended to be known as a nobody.


That sounds more fun than working at a gym XD


Does not compute! XD


Kingdom Hearts is big in Japan


My hair is brunette! XD


Yes. But blonde hair isn’t the norm. XD


And it should stay that way!


I plan on highlighting it purple but ofc ofc!


Ooh, that sounds pretty. (Mainly because purple is one of my three favourite colours. xD)


I might do it like, a galaxy type style. Blue and purple. ;o (Ooo mine too <3)


Gasp That sounds amazing! Do it! Do it! XD (Ooh, that’s cool. The other two are black and silver.)


Damn right it’s not


My grandmother said she was gonna pay for it so once we get everything in order… XD (Ooo. Pretty colors. ;o)


So she wouldn’t fit in! XD


Oooh, I wanna see it. It sounds like it’ll be great. :3

(Yup, yup. Very.)


Wow rude. XD


I’ll post a pic when I get it done. ;o Idk when that’ll be though.


Well, the thing is: During the Ming Dynasty, a Cupcake Lieutenant decided to over run the Chinese Government with bunnies during the wrong year. So, the emperor called forth Mulan to ban him on an island.

Fastforward 2 thousand years - A cupcake general decided to fool everyone into thinking that the Japanese look like Chinese people. Only the Kingdom Hearts game series reveals the truth. And @melodiccnightowl knows that truth


I’m so confused. XD