Welcome to the Magical Forest || A Chat Thread



Whaaa? I wasn’t being rude!


Ooh, yay! I can’t wait. :3


…I think we need to take you to a specialist. XD




:smiley: Me either actually. I’ve done purple before but I’ve never done more than one color.


Probably XD


I was sayin’ that if you dyed your hair blonde and went to Japan you wouldn’t fit in. XD


Ooohh. Probably true. XD


It sounds great. I’ve never done anythin’ to mine. XD




Yup, yup. XD


I like trying new styles with my hair. :slight_smile: When I have the money for it, anyway. XD


Yeah, gotta be able to pay for it. XD


Coloring is expensive too DX Especially because my hair is so dark but luckily my hair is short so it’s not too bad like if I had longer hair.


I love how you two are still talking about hair getting dyed. Proof that my crazy ramblings are great for conversation starters


Oof, mines sorta dark but quite long. Lucky I don’t do anythin’ with it. XD


That’s just how it works. XD


XD We can talk about anything and make it sound interesting.

@TheMCOfficial ;o how long is your hair?


Because we’re interesting! :3

It’s… about mid-way-down-my-back long. XD


Really? Do you ever put it up in a pony tail? XD