Welcome to the Magical Forest || A Chat Thread



I don’t. You must not know how much fun you are. xD


I should dye my hair red…
I want to say my hair is currently ‘black’ but it’s more of a really dark shade of brown-red.


I’m fun? :thinking: Who knew?!

@arrietty-noel Mine is like, a dark brown/black type of thing. XD


Beauty & the Beast gone wrong


Though the turtles wouldn’t be too bad.


I knew! Gah, Ren-Ren. You’re a lot of fun!


Did ya watch the spooky vid?


Awe why thanks XD I’m glad :smiley:

@MisterTent no because I don’t wanna be spooked tonight XD


Yup, yup. Pats

Oof, like last night? xD


Yes. xD


Just gotta get you through the night unspooked. XD


I’m pretty immune when it comes to horrors. But when it’s actually happening to me… smh.


I know. You proved that. XD


Shh XD


Hehe, I’ll shush for now. ;D


Oof for now seems ominous XD


That’s because it is. :wink:


I feel scared of what you’re going to do with that information but I’ll leave it alone for now XD


Hey, maybe I’m just gonna say something sweet combined with that information! You don’t know! XD


eyes you Are you?