Welcome to the Mothership bar and grill


known as the last bastion of free thinking minds in the multiverse, reportedly once used as an unofficial hangout for the F/U (Fictionionus/Ultimatum) Ooorah’s disgruntled crewmembers, suicidal stowaways, lost slaves, pissed-off passengers, sadsack soldiers, cross-eyed pilots, disillusioned religious zealots plus the various rapid vermin, carrion scavengers, cutthroat cowards, backstabbing traitors, outright thieves, bloodthirsty murders, purple-eyed butt-munching ‘Smurffs’, scummy window-licking nipple-dicked ballsack tasters.

And of course we have you, my friend til the end. Much love and respect. Thank you for being there with me. Times are hard and getting tougher. I wish you luck. But I just wanted you to know your support was important to me.

And of course, last and by far the least, there is me, the former barkeep. Once steadfast soldier of the watpadian realm of utopian wattonian wattpaniness. One time herald of creations beyond our own. Explorer of existences you can’t see from this one. Now just some barfly.





Ah, I knew it was just a matter of time till these small places start popping up. Nice setting, Rollie, feels like home already!


Still wondering which label I’d be under LoL


Ooorah crewmember sounds fitting — or perhaps various vermin? Hmm… :thinking:


Yeh… Was wondering about the last bit butt-smurff stuff and all :grin:


Nothing like a good space smurff…


Oh… I can see the beginning of a prompt here… Does SmurffPunk exist? :wink:


If it doesn’t, then it’s high time we invent it!
SmurffPunk forever!


Okay… now time to define this new sub-species of punkiness…:smiley:

Punk could mean antisocial/anti-establishment/rebel… What would the Smurff fight against? As society?

That’s something I find lacking in the other Punk sub-genre I encounter… For me, punk (in SciFi essentially), has always taken from the punk subculture its rebellious/anti-establishment characteristic… with culture as the landscape of the reflection on politics and society… Nowadays, in the many punk sub-genres, I don’t find much of the reflection/introspection, only some pretty images that makes it more alternate universe/history than punk in itself… Anyway…

Closing the brackets… What would define the SmurfPunk… except for the blueness of the sights :grin:


Agree on your analysis of the punk genre. When I first encountered steampunk, I wondered where the punk was in this. But yeah, I grew up in a time when punk was very rebellious and antiestablishment.

So, smurf against the rulers of the universe?

Fighting the big bad aliens out there by being small and blue?


A tribe of Smurff rebelling against Papa Smurf’s authority… who turned all dictator on them
Make it LGBT, there is only 1 smurfette… so they got not much choice in term of male/female relationship… This can be another story…

So, Papa Smurf, in Red clad, has decided to get them all turned grey (Blue is too bright and only he can wear the Red).
I’d go a bit more… the Smurf society has been created by an Alien Race, playing God and Mad Scientist, researching on evolution… Papa Smurf has been given the wrong formula, somewhere, and turned all ElJefe on the little blue men

Some decided to follow (you need some of those), but a small group decided to rebel!! What form of rebellion would they take? Return to Nature? Technology to fight against the big bad red man?
… And What about Gargamel in this story?..

… Who Thinks a Special TK Smurf would work?? LoL


Oh yes, a TK Smurf special. Exactly what we need! Lol

Well, we should also have a spunky smurfette, cause you have to be totally badass to cope with so many blue males.

Hm, Gargamel and the cat… must find a role for them too.

And then there’s Vader smurf and his army of smurftroopers. All clones, of course, and wearing white pants and helmets.


Oh Yeah!!! Vader Smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurffff!!! That shall be epic :rofl:


Try an image search for schtroumpf punk on google!


The entire Smurff society live in constant fear of the dreaded Garglesmell and its evil feline familiar Azrehell.


Conflict starts in their peaceful collective of dirty hovels when ‘Smurfchett’ rips his own snoghosler from betwixt his legs anf proceeded to invent a new type of personality trait that he calls Female. Now he want heavy-smurff and Brainiac-smurff to do strange and usual things to his body. But first Heavy and Brainiac need to to get some small leather straps and a bit of small gage chain.


… and here comes the rated R Special TK LoL


Nothing is harmless these days, not even Smurfs and certainly not TK!


Could you imagine the harm we could cause to ‘fraggle rock’.