Welcome to the Mothership bar and grill


Oh yes… or the Minions or… those fluffy rainbow unicorns


You lot all sound on a roll here!


Aren’t we always?


hay how is elveloy doing?


I’m good! I’d like to write a story for the next TK but I have to finish the one for the Team Up Challenge, first! Plus I’ve just formatted a paperback of short stories through Createspace for me to have a copy (and also my Mum!) Lots of fun and should help me decide whether it’s worth pursuing as a published book.


Nah, not enough hamburger to go with them.

Been looking for the Oorah thread. I seem to be fluctuating between Fantasy and SF at the moment.

What’s the Star Wars issue?


That was in May - for “May the fourth” lol


Next one will be Space punk, beginning of September!


I already have some vague ideas. Whether it will work for Space punk specifically I’m not sure.

I may or may not be able to do a lot, but Space really seems like a Western sometimes.

At this point, with so much having been done in scifi, I’d be surpried if it hadn’t already been done: biological and digital network interfacing.


Should be worth a try!


A fraggle rock, or a fragile * insert expletive here.


While we’re at it let’s ruin someone’s dinner shall we. (Heh Heh) So…contest time. Who can manifest the best first paragraph to go with this picture?



The word “punk” originates from the 17th century and meant prostitute :laughing:


… or it comes from spunk… Same period… Or a mix of the two :slight_smile:

Though… We are used to see only the ersatz of the punk subculture in the genre… And probably less and less, to leave place to a more global concept… All that is quite far from the prostitute…
Wonder how to define a punk pink or a spunk punk now LoL


Some of our oldest words now have totally different meanings. Take “Funk” which originally meant abject fear or Blue Funk.


Hi I am new to this Community thing. My name is Eliza Wards and I look forward to meeting you all


Hey Eliza,
Welcome to the pub, and o the mothership bar & grill. No idea where @rsNelson, the owner of this establishment hides right now, but I can assure you you have found one of the murkier corners of the new forums.
Take a drink at the bar (though I’d advise you to steer clear of the calabassian ale), have a seat and enjoy the sights… I’m sure something weird will happen. It always does.


Sorry @ElizaWards I’ve recently discouered that owning a virtual pub does not embue one with any special skills when it comes to drinking actual alcohol. Nor does it prevent the detrimental after effects.

(Edit) yes, please avoid the calbasian ale at all cost. That orange simian ape that is my virtual landlord within the localized realms of this particular wattoanian multiverse galaxtaplex supercluster. May have went for a swim in the main storage vat. Im not really sure what went down to be honest…its really hard to see the color orange when your eyes are that particular grade of bloodshot and appearently squinting only makes it worse. And since I had lost my glasses at some point which were then subsequently replaced with really dark ray-ban sunglasses, i had spent the whole night squinting around blindly. So…I’m not really sure how that orangutan managed to get soaking wet with calbasian ale. Nor am I exactly sure that it was in fact calbasianat all, it may have been nearly anything.

I wouldn’t have thought he could even get in to one of those vats. But after that he won that dance off against those two triple breasted strippers from Culingus Prime at the old forums closure party, I’m not so sure. It should be noted that I had my glasses on that day, and to this day, I’m not still sure were that pole went to. We haven’t seen it since.


Talking about those vats… remember when that fleet of gagalonian micro submarines mistook them for the mythical, promised sea of love?
Wouldn’t want to know what exactly they did in there, but I swear the beer this season had a distinct cherry taste. Needed a bit of getting used to, especially the tickling down your throat when you swallowed another one of these ships…


Ummm…@jinnis Sorry to tell you this…but I dont think those chunks were actually space ships. Most likely just random debris that had accumulated on the surfaces of their exposed drive cores. They were appearently using some entrapped micro black holes for power. I dont know what exactly they used for shielding…but it was absolutely no match for an industrial grade paint mixer set to the ‘whip that asre’ setting.

Which of course brings us back to the cherry flavoring of the ale in question. Well i don’t really want to go into details…(Shrugs shoulders) but ‘waste not want not’ as the saying goes.