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I keep talking about more than one thing at once and yea I do think that’s the problem of drawing my own characters.


Oh I hate when that happens


Its because he works at a hospital so I can’t have him participate in all of the events of the story because he works too much.So one of my favorite characters can’t be main.It’ll be fine though because he does send the characters in the right direction.


someone’s taking on my cover for Dace of Stars


That’s cool!


That’s fair. I kinda switched some things up in one of my stories for the sake of one of my favorite characters…though it wasn’t fully intentional…

It was kinda like ‘oh you exist now oops. Hey guys you know that faceless menace you’re fighting? It has a face now. It’s a nice face. Say hi to Dom’


I do that more than I should
Ly my favorite character of my Sci-fi will probably end up secondary


Dom definitely can’t be secondary at this point. A huge portion of the plot and dynamic would be gone. But it’s been an interesting change from Bellamy being this one fully evil character forced to work with your averagely moral human to Sutton (the human) being the center point between Bellamy and Dom’s wildly different but equally evil (and I’m talking full on, straight up, unquestionably evil) characters. The whole dynamic between the 3 of them is so different from what I originally intended but I love it so much. It’s just law and chaos and corruption and they all drag each other down until ultimately they’re all going to destroy each other. It’s such a tough thing to write and I don’t know if I can pull it off but I’m really excited to try


Sweet Tooth is my first story that is definetely sci fi so Im nervous to write it but I started it today ((Lys not introduced yet though :sob: .I feel like Ly is secondary because he moves the plot along alot because of his schooling/knowledge helps with finding out about the disease but hes not in it enough to be main.
Your story does sound tough to write but itll probably be worth it in the end.
I dont know how to do actual do anything on the forums like blurring texts or the triangle things that make it so you can click to see more but this message wasnt much of a spoiler so its fine.I currently just want to blah my plot into the forums because Im so exicted to write about the plot and write the characters and want to tell others about it.


Im tempted to start a topic in the sci fi forums thats like ‘Let me ramble about my sci fi while you ramble about yours’ ((Although it might be best suited for cafe so I can include all genres and just be really rambly Im not sure)


DO IT. We need a thread where everyone can just ramble about plots and characters. Just a spoiler-ific writer rambling/fangirling/thinking out loud zone


Imma make it!!


Oooh good luck! And I get that feeling, don’t worry. Especially with their story, even though I haven’t even started writing it yet and it’s still in planning stages. I just want to talk about the characters constantly. I love them




Should I put it in the cafe and let it be moved if the moderators think it fits in a diffrent club? Also Im making the thread if you dont mind


Too late. I already made it.


Its fine but the thread was originally one I was going to make since I was the one who commented about it.




Like I said its fine xD Imma post about Sweet tooth in it


Okay. Cool!