Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


over 1500 unread posts? No wonder I have trouble keeping up


@FireAlwaysReturns I made a successful thread!! It’s called story ramblings!!


Raiden! Long time no see


hello everyone.




Hey, Jane.


You okay? You don’t sound too good


i’m fine. I’ve decided to tone the cheerfulness from now on.




I don’t know. Suits my age, I guess.


You don’t have to ‘suit your age’, if you don’t want to


Would you still want to be friends with me if you find out I’m a smoker?


Yeah, sure. It’s not like you can smoke next to me, as you’re most likely halfway across the world


Even if you were next to me, I would never smoke in front of you if you don’t like it. I’ll move away from you first and groom myself before I go back to you so you don’t have to smell the smoke.


Then I’m cool :slight_smile: you probably know it’s bad for you already, so I don’t need to remind you of that. It’s also quite common for people to smoke






I gotta do Sociology today, I didn’t get my teacher’s email in time and have to wait until 1:30 to get her help in Algebra


Da thread’s sleepin’.

Why is it gone?


Got me a shiny emoji by my name. Soosheeeee!

Edit: Darnit, doesn’t want to work here. Sigh. SIGH.