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Unfortunately, it’s not a metabolic issue. It’s an insulin resistance caused by a genetic hereditary AND incurable hormonal condition.


That must be a bummer.


Just a bit, lol.


Will it kill you?


Hey guys what vampire series should I watch for inspirations?


Watch “Vampyr” by TetraNinja on Youtube :slight_smile:


What inspire you to write vampire stories?


Vampyr :3

I didn’t really have inspirations. I just wrote vampire. There was no logic in it


my poor Tyler may or may not be killed in character arena…


That should be a merch.


The conditions it does/can cause may mean that I die early but not everyone gets every side effect. It can cause; strokes, heart disease, ovarian cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and some other fun things.


Oh… So the longer you live, the more miserable you’ll be?


I add to add nerfs so when wolfy boi goes down he goes down and ain’t gettin back up until next round and all his weaknesses are out on display (except hot women XD)


Just like every Michael Bay movies.


I like to think that the longer I live the more powerful I’ll become because I’ll have outlived others and will absorb their strength until I’m unbeatable and can take over the universe. It’s a glass half full situation.


Fair enough. Best not to think too darkly


What angle are you going for? Horror? Paranormal Romance? Insert genre here?


Good to see you here! :slight_smile:


Just as a sub-genre or who is a vampire in a world filled with other supernatural creatures.


About to start in on it with charcoal