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He looks slightly horrifying, I think it’s the eyes


… winter creature? hopeful look


I just finished editing the end of chapter fourteen, and I think I’ve done a really good job!

Jess opens the door, and I rush in and pull down the covers. Claire is not there.

I look around the room and find broken glass on the floor, along with boot marks.

“The hunters. They took my little sister! NOOOO!!!” Jess yells and screams. She then starts weeping and collapses on the floor in a heap. The broken glass creates deep gashes in her skin, but she doesn’t respond. I try and rouse her from the trance, but she doesn’t react to me

“We’ll find her Jess! It will be alright!” I try to comfort her with words, and she stirs. I place my hand on her shoulder and she violently pushes it away.

“No! This is because of you !! YOU!!! You told me that she would be alright! You told me not to worry!!! You told me to stay with you in the forest! Just because you wanted me to make out with you!! News flash, I hate you !!!” She screams at me and runs out the door, her footsteps heavy.

I am heartbroken, shattered, destroyed, ruined. Just like my kingdom , I tell myself, slumping down on to the floor and curling up into a ball. The glass shards puncture my skin, but the pain is nothing compared to what I feel inside.


Don’t know how well you can see them, but just finished his markings, I think his name is Diego


… winter Diego? :slight_smile:






I was hoping this was your entry for the Winter Creature drawing contest


It can be? Does it have to be winter looking? I can draw him in the snow


I mean… the rules are flexible. Your Diego might get an entire day of the Twelve Days dedicated to him


what does that mean?


I swear I advertised my butt off with the RoV profile.

You should be getting notifications every Wednesday and Sunday on how a new contest has been launched. You should’ve gotten one this morning


…I haven’t been looking at them…


Aaangelll ;-;

There’s contests running for a special Christmas book - and we aren’t getting enough entries to actually make that book. So I’ve been advertising everywhere in hopes of scrambling enough people together

One of the contests is called Winter Creature. It’s a contest to see… well, it’s not really a contest. You draw a creature, send it to us, and it gets shown off


I guess Diego can go freeze his balls off in the snow in this drawing


You should probably look at the contest book for the official rules n stuff - though there are practicallt no rules


I love charcoal, here he is outlined


I didn’t realize until after I outlined his scar that his eyes (or at least the right one) are in the wrong place and his head isn’t wide enough for proper eye placement


Oh well. I think it looks cool


it is really bugging me now that that realized and I cant fix it, or redraw it (I can only draw something once)