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I like drawing wolves.


That is freaking gorgeous! Who did it? I might need them when it comes time for TGO’s second draft for the cover and title change.


Here is a wuff.


sorry I didn’t get back to you! I see you found them though!


it’s a wolfy boi! or girl?


I did and pretty much all of their covers look so good.


I know, I saw it and I was like…this is a vague thing, but if anyone can then they can (mainly because I saw Crazy Love. Crazy Pain. and many graphic threads denied that person and wouldn’t attempt it)


Oh wow


Doodle a winter creature! :smiley:
It’ll get showcased if you send it to @RealmOfVampires


at least three graphic shops I had been in had denied that one cover and I saw it and I was like “they tried it and I saw at least 3 others who didn’t, I give them props for trying to tackle it, so if they can tackle mine, I will be so happy” as I knew not many would accept mine


did mine count on here? or do I still have to send it?


I can never find it back if it’s on here. It’s easier to comment on the contest book with a link to imgur or something, or PM the link, or email realmofvampires@gmail.com with the drawings


He is a good boi.


What is a winter creature…?


Anything you feel fits this season. Fantasy or real :slight_smile:


It’s from a drawing contest for Twelve Days of Bloody Christmas. I’m desperately looking for entrants to pull the Christmas books off, as it’s based off short story entries and drawing entries


Does it matter if I draw it on lined paper with a biro? Because I am way too lazy to find my copics and sketchpad right now.


Anything is cool. And the contest is open until Sunday

You have copics?! Those are expensive


Really really expensive.


Here’s the link: