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Just the colors which are usually black the blood and then the style of clothing which in my mind is usually victorian.I think by common I mean like the first thing most people think of when vampires are mentioned sorry if it sounds confusing.


Also fangs


Oh now I get it.


If it has fangs, it shows up in my writing, no clue why :joy: if it has fangs and an attitude :exploding_head: I instantly love it


It’s like the color scheme of American Horror Story.


But with fangs kidding I dont watch American Horror Story so I dont know


What I mean is has dark red, black and white color scheme to it.




I honestly like the color purple or violet for a supernatural/paranormal scheme especially for vampires.


I just mean the dark colors in general.Although I like red eyes.


Anybody for Underworld vamps???


I really like the first and second movie.


Have you seen Awakening or Blood Wars? Those two are what introduced me (Awakening, then I went and watched the others, I heard about Blood Wars and was so hyped and LOVED IT)


I love the Anne Rice vamps, so black clothes, velvet, all types of historical happenings. Deadly but beautiful…not a fan of the red eyes, just heightened versions of the ones they were born with.


I gotta make sure I am ready for work, bye


Velvet is great


It shows as I had a fanart done of my vampire, Haydn a while back. She nailed his eyes, man, it kills me to view them.

But this is his actual faceclaimLangbreathe


Look at my beautiful baby. MY BEAUTIFUL BABY. I’m such a dotting fictional mother picking favorites, it’s not right.


I’m going to need to nerf one of my characters. She’s getting too powerful, and her different abilities could pretty much save everyone from the demise that I am planning.


We nerf her and then we go back in time to nerf Elijah before he ever met Irina…keeps them from falling in love which keeps him from proposing and moving in which keeps him from meeting Haydn which keeps him from falling in love with him…thus hurting my beautiful baby’s and my sweet girl’s heart.