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Id like to say I know what that means


Wait I googled it now I know what it means


Nerf = make less powerful.
It’s a video game term, used to describe when the game developers make a weapon or other item less powerful, because it threw everything off balance with it’s original strength.

(No, I did not just copy and paste this from google)


When I first read it I just imagined using a nerf gun




regarding vampire in a world with other supernatural creatures: Being Human (I prefer the UK version over the North American one), I’ve only seen the first two seasons and a bit of The Originals which is a spinoff of the Vampire Diaries (there’s another spinoff active that I’m not watching called Legacies). The first two Underworld movies are okay but 3,4,5 aren’t that great. Blade movies where you have your lead character as a half-vampire (though no other supernaturals exist in the world if you’re not counting alternate ending to the 3rd movie). If you have access to Netflix (or their shows through some shady means), Hemlock Grove.

If you’re looking into Urban Fantasy you can try to find a TV adaptation of The Dresden Files.


Yeah but the last one of Underworld was kinda eh to me.


Thanks and I’ll keep looking for more.




Selene too powerful at that point in Blood Wars. Way too overpowered.


I know right, I mean I really like her but, that movie seem anti-climactic.


I’m back, I love it, someone hit the panic button and we had an officer come in, also, I already know the back is a death trap for me, also, I gotta memorize the menu, and tomorrow we cook, we also gotta remember that if we have to use the bathroom or take a break, we have to tell a manager so they can switch our money drawer out, otherwise, if something goes missing while someone covers us, it’s on whoever was supposed to be on register

Also, my one manager told a story about when he worked at Taco Bell where someone stole the urinal when they were all in back, and that same day an old white man who was grumpy af came in, went into the bathroom and wrote with his crap ‘f****ing (n word)’, and said if anything happens, don’t try to handle it yourself, come get one of them (the other Popeye’s here where I live has a bad reputation and this one doesn’t want that, everyone seems awesome though, and most of us front people are about the same age)

One guy started talking when we were practicing our greetings, he had been silent the entire time and everyone was lovin’ his voice, so they used him as an example of what to do if some woman or someone came up and tried to slip him their number or a 20 or something (it’s Muskegon, anything can happen)


That’s a lot of things that happened.


I was there for 2 and a half hours also, we do a thing called ‘scrubbing the deck’ where we throw buckets of soapy water on the ground, then grab brooms and scrub the floor with them and then someone squedies the floors. Also, I got to practice my greeting and work with the register some, also, they reminded us that we can do whatever on our time, so long as it’s early enough to allow us to be sober when we come in to work and we also don’t smell like weed or alcohol or anything, also, they said joking around and playing around is fine, hell, the one manager said he’d even sit out in the lobby and talk with you about your problems, but when it comes to it we gotta be professional

(I think I might write something detailing my experiences, I wanted to do it when I started my first job, which I still may do that one, but I think it would be cool)




OMG. Am I supposed to scroll all the way down to communicate?




I figured it out!! : D


castlequeen, How are you?


Good! Just editing chapter 21 of my book.
I’ve been doing nothing but editing for THREE DAYS!!!
I’m exhausted!!

Aside from school, and homework, and chores all I have done is edit.