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With the other thread merged in


why did they merge them?


Three chatting threads is one too many


ah, I made one about a particular part of vampires: Why Bats?


and why is there a limited amount of chatting threads?


Because the Café is for chatting threads


not genre specific chats


True, but if there’s already two genre specific threads, why more?


maybe there is a specific topic people want to chat about within a genre or they have different reasons


That’s allowed. If it’s on a certain topic, it’s fine. But if the sole purpose is to talk and hang out, without a specific topic and the only coherence being everyone liking that specific genre, it can count as a chat


Your thread is a genuine discussion, not just a place where people go, “hey how are you?”


Guys in the old vampire time like Dracula, people fear them but now with new vampire which make us sympathize them. Do you think that vampires in the future can be fear again?


I think vampires can be both terrifying and sympathizing


How so?


Well, when you say sympathize, I feel like you mean likable.

A vampire isn’t purely evil, they have multiple sides to them, it all depends on the person, no one person is all bad or all good, I believe everyone has a darkness equal to their light and I try to write my characters in that way. I can have a vampire who is completely amazing, kind, generous but then in another scene he can be intimidating and heartless, cruel and arrogant and even, then switch to being remorseful and trying to right his wrongs or just having two sides, and nobody will be sure which is the true side of him


It’s like Frankenstein monsters, he was a build up child who got abandon by his master which filled him in rage and sadness. But try to adapt his surrounding with curiosity which doesn’t make him all evil, the way he struggles made him that way.




What I mean is that in every experience or action they take will reflect on them. Which vampires might be evil or not, depends on their environment or discovery.


OMG i’m so happy to be back, how is everybody?


Welcome back!

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