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Yep. I figured that out somehow. I don’t remember how, but I did.


Listening to the first one.
“A very understanding cat.”
All I have is a dog that will eat anything, and another one that sticks out his tongue.


I listened to the first 50 sec and then I couldn’t take it anymore. God, his voice! He sounds like an egoistic, self obssesed, so called ‘bad boy’ cliche *sshole.


I know but here is the first season, to know each of the other characters.


I know which pissed me off, I rather be tortured to watch twilight sagas than hanging around with him.


I found it on soundcloud. I’m starting in the first season.


I actually liked the twilight saga. The books at least. Still haven’t watched the movies. :cry:


Image result for corgo ship

I know it’s not friday, but still.


well sweetie avoid it like a plague.




Let’s just say the producers and director own dignity got hanged after completing it’s trilogy.




One I google ‘corpse’ because I was bored, and wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a bad idea for me to want to become a vetrinarian.
I’m glad that I have a strong stomach.


Not only that movie was an abomination but was ‘inspired’ to create this other abomination.


At least you didn’t puke seeing Saw 1-7.


I haven’t seen any horror movies.
But I’m going to watch a next-gen horror indie game that might have some gore.
My book also has a small ammount of gore, and I’m lucky that I can survive visualizing it in my head.


true it depends on the amount of gore.


Thank you, I needed this



Quick random question :sweat_smile::
I’ve just finished editing the first 20 chapter of my vampire novel (so like re-wording things and working with feedback).
Do I:

  1. Publish 3 new edited chapters a week
  2. Wait until I’ve edited and the entire book and then publish it all in one go.
  3. Publish the ending FIRST and then the entire edited book (3 chapters a week)?

Or do I do something else :sweat_smile: I’m really stumped on what’s best to do…