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I’d cut it to down to two a week on scheduled days so you have more time to write. Doing 3 chapters a week only gives you 6 1/2 weeks to get more. Doing 2 gives you 10.


Thanks for the advice! Would you suggest publishing the ending of the book before I do the edited versions?


Yeah, I think it would piss off readers for you to start edits before they get an ending. I know I would.


Yeah that’s what I was kind of thinking… It would annoy me too…


Genuinely thankful for the advice :smile:


If only I could do all this lol. My updates are sporadic and lengthy in waiting time, but I make up for it by updating readers on progress and just talking about it none stop lol.


I’ll admit I’m really bad at keeping readers updated :sweat_smile: There’s normally a long period of nothing (or at least it feels like a long period of nothing) and then I randomly update!


Same. The longest I went on TGO I think was 4 1/2 months without an update. Life was too hectic to write.


I think the longest for me without a proper update is about 1 month but I always seems way longer.


I thought it had been 6 months. Glad I was wrong lol


Number one.


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I would’ve been bugging the hell out of you. 4 months…:eyes::joy:

But i’m impatient and I know it. It’s why i wait till good TV shows are a couple seasons in before i’ll even think about watching them. Netflix and Hulu were the best things to happen to me. :joy:




Heya, Jane!






You doing okay?


Yeah, I’m great. I have a friend flying in from Florida this weekend so it will be nice to have her all of Saturday. :slight_smile:


Ah, that’s awesome