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Same here



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I Had A Rough Day Yesterday, You Guys


Hello my blood-sucking friends. How have you all been?


GeeGee! How are you?


JAANE! I missed you! :hugs: I’ve been doing fine as of lately. Been getting back in the grove of writing again. How are you?


I’m okay. Researching stuff for writing. It’s pretty dark

Have you made much progress with writing?


I finally have a solid plan on where it was going. I’m kind of excited to write again, to be honest. I want to see where my characters are going to go.

How dark are we talking about here?


The characters probably want to see, too.

Dark as in reading the experiences of people waking up from comas. Some have been treated horribly


This made me giggle.

And oh, like the original tale of Sleeping Beauty. How’s it going so far?


It’s… my mood is slipping downwards reading this…

His father suggested he write and he wrote this one night as he roamed the ward:

Dear Friend,

I am now living in what appears to be a common household in which various individuals have authority over my life, but I don’t understand the basis of that authority.

I also don’t understand who pays for my food, who provides my food, and who pays for my other necessities of life.

Before I entered this communal project, perhaps five weeks ago, I thought I had a very good idea how I fitted into the world.

I thought I understood:

Who I was

What I did for a living

Where I lived

Who were my friends

Who were my trusted associates

Now, I am unable to confidently answer any of these questions.

Therefore I would like to talk with people I believe I know, who are associated with this project, who can give me some straightforward answers to these and other questions.

People I believe I know, who are associated with this project and who can answer my questions include:

1. My Friend S……….

I need to talk to S……, J…., [my sister] or perhaps others in order to understand

What I am doing here

Under whose authority I am here and go about my daily life

Why I cannot/shouldn’t leave in order to resume my life elsewhere.

Thank you

[Signed] James S………

([Crossed out was:] Please arrange to have someone come and talk with me so that I can understand what I am doing here and why I should not just walk away as I would have thought any citizen could.


Wow damn. I have no words for this. Is this a new story?


Nah. Me trying to find out what it may be like for Nix to come back to ‘life’ after being in an undead state in a bottle for 250 years


Wow. That seems really cool. Do you have an inkling of how it will go for your character now?


Nope. Not at all. Been thinking about making the memories of the past 250 years vanish, but that wouldn’t make sense, would it?


Not unless you do something to him. An accident or a curse or something.


Her. And technically the bottle she was in was ‘cursed’ (read: heavily enchanted to suit the needs of a group of dark mages). They perfected that spell over the centuries, so to them, it isn’t cursed


Oh hey, there it is. The excuse of having her memories erased. The curse got into her head and changed a lot of things.