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It wouldn’t do anything for plot though… Except put her back in the moment 250 years ago that she was chased and captured in the first place


Can you give me a brief summary of how you want your plot to go so I can suggest some stuff to you properly?


This is the plot right now:

Zanixa was bottled a long time ago, and has been in a mage’s personal collection for some time. After the mage passes away because of a curse, his collection is sold for money - including Zanixa. She’s bought by Oscen, an Alpha werewolf who thinks she’s simply an illusion in a bottle. He notices she’s actually a real being and lets her out, allowing her to join the Sharion pack. The pack is not happy having a fox in their midst, and try their best to frame her and get rid of her. Rogues attack the pack, she saves them, and they finally accept her into the pack, viewing her as a hero.


Awful plot. I know. Shush xP


It’s not awful, shut up. It’s awesome.

Hmmm… How about she forgets her manners and how the world works? Or she finds it difficult to interact with other people because she knows a different language/culture for when she was bottled up? You can make her a little more savage than the rest of the pack. What else… OH! You can make her a little sluggish or sloppy when fighting because her body didn’t have exercise for the past hundreds of years


She known nothing about language or culture as she grew up in the wilderniss the 100 years before she was bottled. And she’s far from savage xP Her body also stayed the same, since she was in a state of not-living


Yea, but anybody suspended in a bottle for centuries would make their bodies not as strong as they once did. So savagery can be applied to this since she literally grew up in the wilderness. You can make her a lot liberated, like maybe make her more adhere to her natural instincts than the societal norms rampany today.


Mm, I think I got it figured. I’m gonna try


Great! I hope my suggestions helped!




Someone please tell me to focus on writing!!


Please focus on your writing


Thank you.

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Lol, no problem!
Memes is life, you don’t have to stop xP


I have to publish a chapter today tho. And finish one I was supposed to publish on tuesday.


Not finish yet? The one you supposed to post today I mean


I haven’t even started writing the one for today yet, although I do have a half-finished rough draft in my head.


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Not all is lost though, since I can write over 2k words a day. During school. Like, only during school, or else I get distracted and start playing video games.


That’s damn nice. I barely able to write 2k in a day, only on some occasion.