Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


Violet? As in @calmwolf?


Poor you.
I had hiccups earlier.
It made me want to stake myself.


… um… 3 active… 1 on hold… I am so horrible…

You can watch it with family =3 or wait until the dvd comes out? I usually do the latter with a pile of popcorn. Honestly it’s better to watch alone than have someone trying to make a conversation mid movie


My name 0.o

But I don’t think that’s me x3

Hello folks! What’s up?


Huh? No, my character


I have extra wood :slightly_smiling_face: not sharing though. It’s mine hiss


Yo! I has been summoned here so here i am


I have enough wood right now.


Oh, what job?
That looks creepy af


It’s supposed to :joy: my sister says it’s cute…until I told her what it did in the story. It devoured a body in just seconds and left no trace. Yes, Violet murdered someone. Yes, it was in self-defense. No she does not care. Kassandra and Kas saw this all through the cameras…Kassandra flipped out and Kas was just mildly distrubed (takes a lot for that considering the thing’s he’s done)


Good. Good.

(Sorry, I find being weird a bit funny. Anyway, name’s bahja, pleased to meet ya)


Popeye’s, front counter


Lol, hello


Nice to meet you as well!
Tips hat


Hi! How’re you?


Surviving lol, how about you?


steals hat

dashes off to the horizon

(I meant it when I said weird:joy:)


Stealing hats ^


I can be weirder!!
licks herself like a cat


Ha. That’s nothing to a penguin from pluto