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I have a clam, not a hat, ask @FireAlwaysReturns . She also has a jam jar






Oh she’s the one who summoned me, so blame her for me stealing your clam too




:joy:I don’t even like clams, but I’ll steal your cookies!!!


it’s who I am.
It’s everything I could ever want to be.

it’s amazing,
It’s better than being just you or me.

nothing ever phases me.
The moon,
It’s crazy too.

All the best people are crazy.


Oh the hiccup. Yep! I was victorious!


Got none.


Gawd dammit… cookies are the live in the dark side


When the doors opened he was amazed. The inside was beautiful. Golden shadeleirs, looking like they had melted and slowly dripped and had stopped in the middle of the processs hung on the ceiling. Bright, yet soft white lights were in them. The walls were covered in gold and red wallpaper, the banisters leading up both staircases, which curved upwards onto an upper floor were made of a very dark wood. Golden lights were also on the walls with the same lights as the chandeleirs. The floor was a black and red checkerboard. Halfway up the walls the wallpaper stopped and was replaced with wood paneling which continued down to the floor, made from the same wood as the banisters. On the stairs a red carpet covered the dark wood, little golden shapes breaking up the red.

His eyes didn’t understand almost anything, because that? That was just the room. The people? It was overwhelming.

Is this too much description?


You might try and spread it out a little more? Like a few more actions?


Something that defines me.
For I strive in choas,
And weather away when life aligns.

Something that eludes me,
Eternally seeping from my grasp.

So they call me.
So they utter and call
So much my name is forgotten


I’m already there and I can’t see them

(Get it? Cuz dark?)


XD wondering around in the dark, not knowing where your going,
Just following the scent of hats


scent of hats


Examples? He can’t do a ton, he’a pretending to be someone else, in a really high stakes mission


Like… he crept along the (insert description of the floor). Looks around to be sure he was along he scanned the staircases…


Guys, how do you change your pfp here? (Nevermind)


Where did my sanity go?
In the air,
or in the ground.

I should start looking.
for it.
But I don’t want to.

Just sayin’
It’s fun being insane.

Don’t want to follow,
follow the rules.
I make my own.

Don’t want to stay,
stay grounded to reality.
Reality follows my lead.

Don’t want to be rational,
Irrationality makes the fun in life.
Life should be fun.

Don’t want to be normal,
I just want to be me.

A rule breaker,

All the best thing should be,