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Do you mean chandeliers with shadeleirs?

I’d write this as: and the banisters led up both staircases, which …

I’d change this too to: Golden lights were also hung on the walls, giving off the same light as the chandeliers.


That is what I meant


I’m assuming that’s a restaurant?


Fast food


I hope you’re less stressed at this job than you are in the last one


Who wants to write poems??


I didn’t have another one, unless you’re talking about this one, I’m not sure when the last time I talked to you was


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I have a gun,
So get in the van.

This is legit the first thing that comes to my mind. Safe to say I suck at writing poems :joy:


Ehhh. I’m too lazy for this


Blood is red,
water is blue.
I have fangs,
and soon you will too!


My blood isn’t red,
The days are blue.
Don’t worry lambs,
Your suffering is due.

(:slightly_smiling_face: mwahaha)


Human blood is red,
My knife is blue.
Go hurry back home,
Or your life is through.


Silence echos here,
Sparks light as knife sharpens edge,
Yells muffled by cotton.


Silent As The Grave

The night is silent.
Silent as the grave.

The sky is dark.
Dark as ink.

My mind is in chaos.
Screams echoing in my head.

Horrors untold were seen by mine eyes.
Created by my own hands.

The darkness beckons.
Welcoming me to join it.
I do not fight back.

My heart as is dark as the blood dripping from my knife.


It’s been six minutes!
Why haven’t you responded??
(If you can’t tell, that’s sarcasm.)


Where’d everyone go?!?!


@FireAlwaysReturns, do you know how to make a sticker? Or make a photo circular? Mainly circular?


No. I can make it a circle with canva, but unless you pay money; the site refuses to let you have a transparent background


That’s dumb :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I was trying to use Canva for it, but couldn’t get it to cooperate with me


I lurk.