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Maybe, with an answer.
I don’t know.


Hey you wonderful people! What everybody up to?


Stressed over the fact I may not be able to finish my classes in time because I can’t understand stupid Algebra II, it’s worse than Geometry, which I also didn’t understand. I’ve learned nothing in this class because I can’t understand it.

Just want to be done with school so I don’t have to sit there feeling stupid just because I can’t understand math class :unamused:


I’m good. Just writing a chapter or two for my books.


It’s literally like upper elementary all over again, and guess what? I barely passed 3rd grade because of similar issues


I know the feeling. I recently started back to school, tested high in everything BUT math. I have to start in what my school system calls remedial math. in other works Algebra I. I was okay until the last few weeks of class. Then I nearly had a panic attack over finals.


Good for you! I’m mad at my book atm.


Do they have tutors??
At my school they have free tutoring in the library.


I have finals Wednsday, and I have other classes to finish




No, I’m in online this year


Doesn’t help when my dad used to say “if you need help let me know” now when I ask for help he says “I don’t understand that new crap they have you do, we never had that shit in school”

Like is that supposed to make me feel better?


I forgot about that.


Good luck my friend. I know how stressful it can be!


I love working, but right now it is cutting into that time I need to get caught up, I work from 5 until 10 at night on Sunday and I did that last night, but I can’t ask for days off, I only work 2 days a week as it is right now because our sales are too low so my hours are extremely low


At least your dad tried. My mom knew better than to offer me help in math. Now that i’m in college, i just get a tutor and try my hardest to remember it for the test. I never retain the information in math for very long.

I can remember what i ate for breakfasst 10 months ago, but math, goes in one ear and out the other.


I’ve always struggled with it, I have to ask my parents if they can see how many math credits I have and if I have enough to graduate without taking another one next year, I need to stop doing schoolwork and destress but I can’t because if I do I won’t be able to finish any of my classes in time


Poor you. I wish I could help you.
I can help a little bit, actually.


I’m coming back to it in an hour, but not Algebra, I emailed my teacher but I’m pretty sure I got an automated reply, they don’t do anything for us on the weekends so I need her tomorrow, but I have 15 assignments to do, none of which I will understand but I can’t have her help me with them all because she has other students to help


Anything past basic math is a problem for me. has been since 8th grade. I just roll with the punches. I kinda have no idea how i graduated high school. But i’m not complaining.

If you have to take another one next semester, maybe you should go to campus. I’ve avoided online classes with math cause I KNOW i’ll fuck it up. Everything else I can do online, just not math.