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No, I switched because I was in a normal high school, I moved away from my hometown when my dad got promoted, I haven’t had an easy time since, it was taking a toll on my emotional and mental health that online hasn’t (other than when pressure gets serious)


Awe i’m sorry to hear that. HS can be a bitch. But it does get better. If i knew anything about math i would help, but you’ll probably do worse listening to me.


Luckily next year is my final year of high school


I went offline XD I am going to sleep soon anyway. Till another day :wave:t3::blush:


I’m good at math. I have had all A’s for years.




You can crop photo


GREAT! You’re almost done. You can do it! My professor told me this when it came to grades. “C’s get degrees”. As long as you get a passing grade you’ve succeeded.


not into a circle


You’re a lucky soul.


I’m at a C right now, been struggling to get it to a B- to give me some cushion, well, I got it there, then slipped, if I fail my exam it will drop real low


There’s a tool in photoshop called ‘cookie cutter’


Do you have any photo editing programs?


I am, although there’s kind of a trade off for me having my intelligence.
I have aspergers, so basically I’m a genius, but I have no idea how to do social stuff.
I’d rather be smart that super popular though, so it’s fine.


no, I have a chromebook so options are very limited


Oh. If you’d like you can send it over and I’ll crop it for you tomorrow?


Try using

It’s an online thing, and it works on my school issued chromebook.


Just published 2 chapters, one in my vampire book, and one in my fantasy/ sci-fi book.

Weary sigh

I am exhausted!
I did that during school!



I just listened to the last episode in season 2.
Ugh. DAMIEN!!!


I know he is so UGH!!!