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I want to strangle Damien!!


Me too, but what do you think of the other characters?


Sam is awesome.
Caleb is cool.
Chloe is nice.
Dr Bright seems complicated.
The homeless guy seems interesting.
Caleb’s boyfriend seems brave to be openly gay.


@1213NR What did you think about them?


I love Caleb x Adam because they represent not only the happiness of young love but the complication to know how to support each other.

I also love the idea of Sam x Mark until Damien fucked it up!!

Other than that, the characters are really engaging. I think I relate to both Sam and Caleb since I have anxiety like Sam but, almost have a slight temper as Caleb.


Yep. Yep. Yep.
I heard Dr. bright talk about the ‘young love thing’, where when they first get together it seems like all the bad things go away.
Me and my boyfriend have never gotten out of that ‘young love’ phase. :blush:


But trust me on the season 3 they started to get complicated.


I’m listening to it right now. While looking at memes, hoping my mom doesn’t remember that it’s past my bedtime.


Poop. She just now remembered.


Also Dr. Bright may have a lot of secrets which makes her have trust issue. But I don’t blame her because she learn how to handle the reckless emotion and learn to develop change unlike Damien.


Bye. See ya’ later.



So silent here today I see




Hey there, how are you today?


Good. Just doing schoolwork and writing.


Does it make sense if a vampire can have goosebumps? XD


I see, do you finish your writing yesterday? :smile:


Yes. Kind of. Goosebumps are a leftover evolutionary thing from when we had a lot of hair. They formed to poof up your hair to provide warmth, or make you seem larger to an enemy.


Yep. I wrote 4 poems, and published 2 chapters.