Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


Thanks for the answer!


No problem.


Damn, that’s amazing :flushed:
I still haven’t finished 1 chapter from a few days ago. I still need around 500 words to complete it.


How many words have you written in it so far?


Around 1500. I limit each of my chapter around 2000 words. But most of them are more than that now, it’s around 2100 words.


My chapters are around 1k words.


But still, you write more than me in that sense :0 2 chapters & 4 poems


Btw, the community’s interface has changed as well. I like how they smoothen the lines, makes them look cleaner. But, not the colour scheme, it’s just kind of boring.


I didn’t notice.


Just changed today, same goes to the app. Now they use grey & white instead of few different colours like red, and the turquoise colour


Tortoise color??


I may write it wrongly, hmm

It’s turquoise


Tortise. Lol.
Turquoise is much better. My favorite color.


Lmao, I rarely write the name out that’s why I wrote tortoise, not turquoise xD


I made a poem!!

Burning Roses


Burning roses,
Thorns tearing at my heart.
The pain inside is caused by nothing more than that.

Consuming everything.
The gift is now incinerated.
Never coming back.

The sweet scent is covered up by smoke.
Filling the room,
Filling my nose.

From ashes to ashes.
Burning roses,
A gift going up in flame.


I am listening to season 3 of the bright sessions, Damien is not hurting Mark but I am still mad at him of what he has done.


I got a new idea :weary:


A new idea for what?


A story


Will officially make 70 as well