Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


That one is more complicated, but I’m sure you can get a more accurate colour you want there


You could also use a bronze coloured pic as a background


I want it to be all drawn so it doesn’t look strange as a blend of real and drawn. Plus, a lot of images are copyrighted and also have a watermark due to that.


What did I miss?

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Nothing much :slight_smile: How you doin’?


Good I have been a ban of baking in the house for a month, so right now I am gonna search up for jobs.

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Ah, what type of jobs are you looking for?


just something that pays well and that I experience before.

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Ah okay :smile:


Whatcha doing?

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Trying to come up with a new thing for the coven. My head’s hurting right now.

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hmm, what kind of coven is it?


A vampire coven

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What do they do?


Uh, how do I explain it… We offer people a place were people can socialize (this is I think one of the threads of the coven). We also offer monthly contests, a book of the month, a book club and a vampire’s guide. Oh and an awards, but that’s closed for judging. There is a plan to make a big one with more genre’s, but that’s now on hold. I don’t have enough judges :sweat_smile:

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hmm…what about talking about a different tropes/cliche of vampire stories?


We can do that too. That’s what these threads are for :slight_smile: I’d like to say a good chunk of the vamp threads was created by us, the Coven leaders

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Honestly, you do you, I only have one vampire character in my supernatural story.

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That’s good enough for us. We’re quite easy-going. You could actually be a member with the way you are going now, as all we require is activity once a month, either in the forums, the book club, the writing contests, or a combo. You are most definitely here more than once a month

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Maybe but I don’t read/write vampire stories like you guys. I just ask questions about vampires cliche to use it as both a joke yet unique.

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