Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


You don’t actually have to do that. Which reminds me to drag a friend of mine into the Coven, too. She doesn’t read or write vampire, and doesn’t participate in any Coven-run things, but she pops up in this thread from time to time to chat and hang out

coughJOIN US!! @calmwolfcough

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I’ll think about it, but I can send you guys tips/advice/trope of the vampires.


I mean… Sure? Most of the people here are from the Coven. Feel free to give us tips n advice :slight_smile:

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Well sometimes I search up in Youtube or Pinterest for this kind of genre.

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She says something about particular parts of the stereotype so if you want you can skip the story and go there- (9:30)


You are a very active youtube enthusiast, aren’t you? :3 haha

I like this coven. What do you mean with you do not write vamp stories “like us”? Since I joined that coven I think none of these vamps I read about were somehow the same xD


It just that ever since the Twilight disaster movies, I don’t want to touch any vampire books. Until in Disney released the movie and TV series of My Babysitter is a Vampire which is sorta cheesy but I like it.

And while my older sister watch Vampire Dairies I took a peek of it which I don’t mind it but there is so much new generation cliche of it.

Then I watch vampires in anime, some are good but the characters do have different powers.

But, I actually never read a vampire stories unless it’s one of the urban legends stories.

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Why thank you!


hmmm, so you like vamp stories that are dystopian? Or also historical ones (without the new gen stuff)?

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Well sorta I like either, the Badass vampires like Alucard (Hellsing), Blade, and Underworld or ones that do make fun of their cliche but still proud to be one like My Babysitter is a Vampire.

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Maybe it was because of my pairings in the book club so far, but I can tell you - they are still out there :wink: the really good ones. Getting you with their badassery and charme, without giving in a bit. The ones that know what mess they are in.

I don’t know what “my babysitter is a vampire” is about ^^ I think I heard of it the first time right now

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It is like this.

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Also, I love one of those ‘yandere’ type of vampires which I am creating a character of that type in my paranormal story.


I think I’m too old for that kind of show *lol … and maybe also not american enough! :smiley:


Too old? You can never be too old for My Babysitter’s a Vampire. I may or may not have seen the whole show 5 times :upside_down_face: (and I’m 16)


I know but my point is I like some sorta comedy into supernatural creatures like vampire, werewolves, ghouls and etc.

I also love international vampires to see their perspective on them.



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The ending is shit though. Why would they stop at a cliffhanger and then decide to stop the series?!

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There is over a decade between us! :smiley: But when we talk ‘Supernatural’ #deangirl

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