Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


Maybe it was not enough for the audience.

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But my point is that I like vampires in TV shows/movies/comics if done right and just didn’t read vampire novels.

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So I maybe a fake fan of vampire book genre, but I like to learn more onto the stereotype and how they develop over decade.


Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3::blush:

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Hey! how are you?

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Pretty good, just finished some art work I’ve been working on for a while, how are you :blush:?


Good I am watching this movie called '9 to 5."

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Is that the one with Dolly Parton in it? (I know she has the song)

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Yep and so far I can almost relate to the characters of how hard & tired work can be.

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Yeah I work in retail and though the job is easy its always customers who seemed to make things just a little bit difficult

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I used to work as a bagger but I know the struggle of working with difficult men. There were immature high-schoolers that work there that I wish they focus on work than acting like kids.


*waves * XD once I write a vamp book, probably after my demon one


You know how to write demons?

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I mean, is there a right or wrong way? :calmwolf:

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Thats funny I’ve wrote a vampire book but am planning to focus the second book more on demons :blush:


Nicee! Ahaha, at the moment Im actually in the werewolf genre, but once I finish that novel I want to try a novella about a girl who is trapped inside her body by a demon.

Gotta love the dark mystical creatures


I agree! I love everything dark and mystical too!


You can do so much with them, especially use morally grey areas, lol

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I mean I am Catholic but if you do you. I am just curious because I am creating a world-building for my paranormal/supernatural story which includes demons so I was wondering how do you make demon characters.

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That’s what I’ve tried to do with my vampire book (but I have to admit I’ve always liked the concept of demons more :sweat_smile:) There’s so much to work with when writing lore for them!