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Im not sure. Never written a demon before, but Im sure they can really be however you want them to be, seeing as they are mythical creatures in a world you are building :calmwolf:

Fair enough! Lore is great fun to research. I also really like wendigos even if they are more werewolfish. Are they an MC or opposing them?


Yeah but in my world, they are a parallel world to ours but just full of monsters, demons, aliens, sketchy government and etc.




I summon thee here, in a brand new thread, with the goat summons.
I summon thee here, to spread the word, of our beautiful religion.
I summon thee here, with fancy artwork, custom made.

Such is the law of the Goat.
Such is the rule of the Goat.
Such is the life of the Goat.

Please, hear my call, Supreme Goat Lord @nick
As I call you with the goat summons
Such is the Eldritch Ritual


Someone be proud of me that I did this xP


I am…proud xD *nods *
Now you just gotta see if the Surpreme Goat Lord hears

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We’ll see. He’s probably asleep, since I think he’s either in the US or in Canada…

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Time to go back to eating and reading.


Oh, I forgot.

Yes! I was reading but I think my parents want to go explore now that the jetlag is better. What are you reading?

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A book Crystal sent me from some site called royal road. It’s named “the blue mage raised by dragons”

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Why am I called here?


In hopes I am worthy of being your follower, Supreme Goat Lord


I love that, lol :calmwolf:

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Hey, I’m trying xP others had it much easier


If I’m not summoned to solve things, it doesn’t count :smiley:

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You never said that ;-;


Oh it’s in the threads where people try this trick



I have a feeling this is one of the many badges/titles I’ll never get…


I have something that needs fixing. Barely anyone can find the vampire genre threads, as no obe really looks further than IYW, the cafe, and the MDC. Can the other threads be more promoted?


You mean rotate up the genre clubs?

I mean historically, the genre clubs have just generally always been quieter than the big ones, everyone likes to chat in them.

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I mean, showcase a section of the forums on the top, switching it every few days. The further down the page the section is, the less people can find it.