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How’s this look so far? My next step is to figure out how to make it look like they’re dripping gold


Oh wow that looks good and it will probably be more pop with the dripping gold.

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I couldn’t make the gold look like it was dripping so now I’m making gold flecks:

What inspired me was this song:


Interesting I am glad you became active on your ideas.

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Gloria%20Regali%20(1) Gloria%20Regali
Which one is better?


Hmm I think the first one.


Yeah I prefer the first one too.

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If we are talking dripping gold… you maybe want to take a look at Klimt and his art. Did you draw the two on your own?


yeah, just a reference image underneath that I left a lot of detail out of

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Hey guys

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heyhou ^^ how are you?

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Good how are you?


Monday-ish but good

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New story idea, based on a dream last night.

Has anyone been inside another person in their dream, seen through their eyes and died repeatedly like this as the same person? Because that was me last night.

Me and the person I was in, Andy as I have named him, got hit by a train, it was not fun, we got sent to Limbo. Again.

Here is the description I made for Limbo:

Andy Veller is a 19-year-old working at a small restaurant at the local national park. Having just graduated the past Spring, Andy is saving up money so he can move out of the two-bedroom trailer his mom lives in and stop having to give his younger sister a ride to and from school.

Jessie Gillings is an 18-year-old Senior on a class trip to the local national park before graduation. He’s ready for graduation and a chance to pursue his music career, a thing he can’t work on in the two bedroom apartment his mom rents due to the fact she works early morning shifts and the noise would keep her up.

When Jessie and Andy both have accidents at the park, they awaken to find themselves inside of Limbo. The two quickly pair up and soon learn that some things are worse than hell, and that love can be found in the most unlikely of circumstances.


There’s an entire children’s books series based on this. Except the dying part. And there’s this heartbreaking anime movie like this too

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I don’t read children’s books or watch anime, now that I know this, is there anything else like this? If so, and it’s something I’ve seen but can’t remember, I’d like to know so I don’t subconsciously copy another work

At some point in time, Andy and Jessie end up back where they were the following winter in hopes revisiting the park can help them put Limbo behind them and Andy falls through the river running through the forest (it was burried under snow they weren’t aware it was there). Jessie tries to save him, fails and they both freeze to death trying to climb back out through the hole in the ice. They end up back in Limbo but this time it’s not just aimless wandering they’re doing, they also have to worry about these icey water demons chasing them, trying to kill them. Neither can fight really so they run, hiding and only trying to fight when the demons catch up.

The demons are my way of also utilizing another part of the dream. For some reason I was Jon Snow from GoT fighting off white walkers, whites and even the Night King trying to defend Castle Black.

I think we killed the Night King.

It was exhausting.

Lately I can feel what myself or whoever I am inside of feels when I dream and sometimes that translates to when I awaken. The other night I had a weird dream where me and my sister were in the garage (she’s 9) and we were cleaning my car on a hot summer afternoon. It quickly turned violet when someone tried to steal my car, and I was apparently protecting my sister when my head was slammed into the car.

I felt the pain in the dream, it was very disorienting, when I awoke, that splitting pain was still there but I was in the middle of my bed, so I couldn’t have hit my head on anything hard.


That seem okay.

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I heard many cases/stories of that events.

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