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I die a lot in my dreams, it’s stopped being unnerving, until now when I can feel the things in my dream even into my waking and a few hours after

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hmm…call me crazy but I think you might be a clairvoyance or a Resurrection to all of your ancestor?


But it could be more.


I once died in a dream while eating a dinner with Sam and Dean Winchester I think. Don’t know who did it, but I remember looking down and blinking a few times as my hands found a katana through me, then it went black and I awoke just fine in the dream, running around some dark streets hunting something.

Everytime I die in a dream I dream in first person, which is when I have no control over the dreams. Usually my dreams are in third person and don’t actually have me in them. Not that that one was really me as I was me but a much thinner me. In my 20’s if I had to guess.

Maybe I was Angel Oakenson, it is possible, but I was a bit too short to be her, and my body wasn’t as thin, still had some plumpness to my stomach. Just know we have the same first name.


Or you watch too much TV?


I hadn’t watched any tv in weeks when that happened. Nor have I watched anything recently.

Just things I like sometimes appear even if they aren’t the main focus. The main focus last night wasn’t me as Jon Snow killing the Night King. It was me as Andy, seeing Jessie missing half his arm and us figuring out what’s going on. Then to have us get hit by a train just as we escaped.

We escaped again and there was a cute scene with the two having lunch together, but then people began panicking and rushing inside the very small lobby of the restaurant and then we found ourselves in Limbo once more. I know the wind picked up and got really strong (happened here recently, it was scary, broke a branch off a tree by our house and apparently knocked out a ceiling tile and almost caused a blackout at work). Maybe we got trampled or something went flying and hit us? That part is fuzzy.


Hmm…I may not be a therapist but the mind can be complex and difficult to study.


Hey guys! Guess who survived the test week :blush:


Hey, vee. You doing okay?

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Yup. I fucked up physics, but the rest went good
How about you?


I mean, who wouldn’t fuck up physics?

I also meant more in general :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha very true. But I’m pretty good right now, just finishing up my profile project and then I’m really done with school for a few days :wink:

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Oh gods, the profile project… What was your subject? For the mini one in 4th grade I did “how to make paint”. I still have lots of pigments and oil laying around here

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I didn’t do the mini one, but I’m doing the big one that’s gonna count for your exam this year instead of next. I’m researching how a Stirling engine (a hot air engine) can charge up your phone.

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Try not to blow up your phone. I’ve seen too many of my contraptions in modded minecraft go due to exploding stirling engines

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Hahaha I’ll try :slight_smile:
How about you? Are you alright?

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Yeah, doing okay. Still trying to accept the fact that I’m weak as hell, both physically and mentally. It’s a hard pill to swallow when a simple 2-hour beach walks takes you down for an entire day because exhaustion. The lack of school helps me, though, and now I can watch myself more closely and hopefully find solutions

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Oh damn. Take it easy then. Hope you find a solution soon!

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The beach thing was already a few weeks ago - the week I decided to step back, actually - but it did make me realise it’s worse than I thought. I’m fine today, though :slight_smile:

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Ah well the first step to recovery is realising you need to care for yourself right :slight_smile:

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