Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


pokes head in
Hi guys!

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Hey there :smiley: how’ve you been?

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Its been crazy around here I tell you what. Lol but i started my poem book, have nearly finished getting my website going (thanks to a friend) and finished my group therapy.

How have you been?


A bit less crazy here. Closing in on finishing my first story ever, wrote a short story in my native language in hopes of winning a writing comp, therapy hasn’t really started yet, and I get to chill out a bit as I no longer have school.

Is group therapy any good? And what’ll be on your website?


I am currently writing a story where the love interest is a vampire, and I’m having absolute fun with this


Congrats on the almost done story, and good luck with the writing comp.
I found group therapy to be kind of useful. It helped me manage things that were currently going on in my life. But i wouldn’t say that it really helped any old traumas i’ve been carrying around with me. ( though it does help to know you’re not the only one feeling the way youre feeling. :slight_smile: )

I recently started to see an individual therapist. So I’ll see how this goes.


Oh and the website will serve as my authors hub if you will. So my fan base has one central way to contact me outside of the standard social media, it will feature all my current WIP. Whenever I get them finsihed and edited it. I will be selling them from that site as well. (If i can manage of course)



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We really are dying ;-;

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It’s sad.

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No thread don’t die! :dizzy_face:


What happen?


Your hair is the better, not-failed version of mine xP I dyed it blue too, but it doesn’t stick well, so less than a week later, almost all of the blue is on my neck and shirts instead of my hair


It now a pale green :smile: Blue is one of the hardest dyes to get out!

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Out of your hair or out of your clothes? It’s definitely coming out of my hair way too fast

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Hair, I never had a problem with it leaking on clothes or skin. I use dye pots that are just pure dye with no ammonia, they’re really good!


Vampires don’t die, they’re immortal.


Depends on your lore. Mine “die” and die. “Die” is when they’re injured enough to go KO for a long time (a few days), but without breathing or heartbeat, they’re “dead”. If they get their final death by being burned, they’re done for


I meant that we’re vampires, and don’t die, like this thread won’t die…

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Tried to open a convo on the lore of everyone’s immortal leeches, but alas