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It is, that’s at the beginning then Uma Thurman kicks ass and takes no prisoners

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I found it a really weird movie and kind of disgusting at times, like in the beginning


Yeah I get why its off-putting to some people

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We’re researching plants for a project.

I wish we were talking about the biology of vampires instead. That’s something actually useful.

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I’m too innocent for all of that :stuck_out_tongue: Do you enjoy them, though?

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I doubt they’ll ever talk about that, sadly. School is school

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Yep. They don’t want to prepare us for the real world unfortunately.

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They’re good, I think its all the unique camera angles an dhow its literally filled like a comic or manga, also the characters have really iconic looks :smile:


You can always prepare yourself in the meantime <3

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Fair enough. To each their own :slight_smile:

Any other movies you enjoy?


True. I just need a water bottle full of blood, and some magic rings to cast a spell with.

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I’ll admit my favourite movie is Silence of the Lambs, even though I’m not a huge fan of gore, I like the idea more. I like a lot of Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars and almost anything 2D animated (I think it’s because I appreciate the artwork and effort)

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Hiya everyone!

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Hey how are you?


I need help choosing what covers to use for my books. Can ya’ll help?


It’s easier to just make a poll in #improve-your-writing


Plus, if I click on it, I get this screen:

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Lol. I’ll do something else.

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I made a poll in some other thread, so here it is, copy and pasted.

Shattered fangs version one

Shattered Fangs version one

For the shattered fangs covers:

  • Shattered Fangs version one
  • Shattered Fangs version two

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Now for the Blood of my enemies covers!

Blood Of My Enemies version one

Blood Of My Enemies version two

Blood Of My Enemies version three

For the Blood Of My Enemies covers

  • Blood Of My Enemies version one
  • Blood Of My Enemies version two
  • Blood Of My Enemies version three

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It’s best to make your own thread. A max of 3 people will see this

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