Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!



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Very good, thank you! And you?

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Also, if the image used in BofM v.1 wasn’t so pixelated and low quality (the heart. The text is fine, letting me know the image itself is low quality), I’d pick that

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I might not use that though, since I don’t know if it’s copyright free or not.

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It’s fine on WP itself. If you start looking at self-publishing, the you have an issue. But here? Here you’re safe :slight_smile:

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I’m going to self publish eventually, so I’ll have to change the covers at some point.

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Good, whatcha doing?





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sticks head in here


How are you?


With lessons winding down to final assignments, I seem to have more free time to do writing stuff. Of course completing assignments is a priority.


How are you guys?

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Im okay, how are you?

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Good and tired, just got back from walking outside.

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*pops head in
Hullo there :upside_down_face:

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Heya. You doing okay?

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Yes yes, wonderful. I’m almost done with my profile project so cheers to that :tada:
How about you? You feeling fine?

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@nick you here?