Welcome Vampire Reader, Writers, and Lovers!


Best birthday greeting ever lol

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@calmwolf Vi, I see you

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I see you too

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D’aww! All Avatar!

Anyhow. You okay? You haven’t returned to the other chat

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Yah all good, thankies

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You sure?

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I’m still trying to be awake and start functioning again XD

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Fair enough

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Hey Vee. You okay?

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Of course, I finished my profile project :slight_smile: . How about you?

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Um, hi guys, nice to meet you all

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Hey there and welcome ^-^ what’s up?


Let’s just say things are mesy and stressful on my side, so not too good. I think this puts me even further away from RoV as before ;-;

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So this is my first time in the community so I don’t really know what to say. I’m nervous.


“Hello” works fine :smiley: don’t be nervous, we’re all just writers here. Are you working on a story right now?

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Yes, I’m working on a vampire horror novel set in WWII. It’s been in development hell for awhile but now, I have the story on track.

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Oh, vampires in WWII? I do know a game set in WW I, but the second world war is a new one. How are you going about that? Vampire in the frontlines?


Here’s the summary. It’s a little messy since I don’t know how to write summaries.

Taking place in a parallel World War II, Vampires are at a brink of extinction from years of war and humans’ hate for the creatures of blood. Children are being sent away from their homelands for their safety. Third Reich invades most of Europe to “cleanse” the world of the Jewish and anyone who stands in their way while capturing vampires to use for their own benefit. And something dark is coming to the war, a dark force that is beyond anyone’s control. Something that could end all humanity. There is hope, though, and that hope takes form of a young vampire. A Chinese girl named Yue Amane. However, with each step she takes, there is a price to pay. A price that might inevitably cost her life.

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Threads do get a case of the “hellos” every once in a while. It’s basically when people just say “hi” and “not much, you?” and there’s no conversation going anywhere

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