Welcome Vampire Writers!


Welcome to the coven!

Fangs are welcome,
beware the vampires
(or rather the writers).
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New person on this site looking for friends
How fast can we kill the thread? - 17
The Witch's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Witch's Lonely Hearts Club Band
In The Hall of the Dragon Queen
New person on this site looking for friends
How fast can we kill the thread? - 17
Vampires, wew.

@Angelic_Vamp >.< this is for youuuuuu, lol
And I was bored so I made this thread :’)
and Im obsessed with this :cat:


Yay! Now where the rest? :joy:


Now now Angeliccccc… erm don’t rush it… uhhhhhhhh…

We’ll get there? XD


Hope so. Better tell others about this but tonight I have to be off : P


helluuuu! I can call myself a vampire writer again now I have a book that doesn’t make me cringe when the numbers go up


Yesss Jane!!


how are ya?


Good and you!


good too. anxiously trying to figure out who the first reader is


Lol aww, post a new story? Or the rewrite?


The rewrite. And I’m nervous as hell xP how is your writing going?


Aw you’ve got this in the bagggg! (Blood bag)?

XD not well, Ive just been procrastinating


Don’t mention the blood bags, Kevin don’t like them. There could be leechbane in them O.o

And procrastination never ends



No it doesnt!


The vampire version of wolfsbane. There has to be something to stop those suckers


Trueee, lol, could that work on Deman?


Yes, it could. But it’s a hard to get combination of herbs, so there’s no chance that they’d know about it in a world without vampires. And he’s an “earth creauture”, plants “won’t bother him”


@JaneTheFox Hey! Fangtastic to see you! :vampire: :smile:


So we have less than a month to hang out here? That seems fair considering how this is a test place