We're All A Little Mad Here...


Hello, fellow Wattpaders.

We all know we’re a little mad, why not revel in the madness together and get to know each other? Complain about life and the boring things going on around us.

What sums up me really: I unintentionally complain a lot, I love a few things: writing, reading and annoying my chubby cat. I write a little bit of everything, love rock, hard rock, alternative, electronic and southern gothic. I love horror movies (always keep my cat close) even though they scare me. I hope to get published sometime after I graduate next year (doesn’t have to happen next year, five years, sure, whatever, just eventually) and…I think that’s about it really…oh! I also talk. A LOT. Take that as a warning. Or not, it’s your life, do whatever you want with it.

Not Welcome On WattPad.

Warning not heeded. Do you like Queen? What do you think about the movie?


I will use this place to rant so much lol


Yes! Go ahead!


Queen? The band? I’m not really sure, haven’t listened to much of their music and the few songs I’ve heard I feel have been overplayed, but they are good songs. As for the movie? No clue, it hasn’t come out yet so I haven’t seen it


Could you specify some of your favorite bands? :slight_smile:


Of Monsters And Men, In This Moment, The Pretty Reckless, Evenescence, Shinedown, Missio, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, grandson, Ruelle, Meg Myers, Florence + The Machine

I think that’s most of them


Also I just discovered Colter Wall, as for Southern Gothic, I don’t really have any favorites, I’ve only just discovered it


Great! I like some of them + I adore Imagine Dragons :slight_smile: Can I recommend you the band Starset?


I’ve heard some of their songs, I’ll have to go back and check them out again


Hello everybody! Nobody wants to chat or rant?






Hello! Just dropping by :grin:


I just got whiteout all over my pretty blue pen trying to unclog my whiteout…:confused:


Hi! Feel free to drop by anytime!


At least it still writes! :grin:


Lolz did you steal this title from @missmadhatterqueen?? ;D


No, wasn’t aware it was a thing, got it from my Cheshire Cat cup I have


I was mainly teasing and tagging her to see she has a kindred spirit in you!