We're All A Little Mad Here...


I pick it cause its cool this image look nothing like me


I was at work, training


u got a job




Lol yh everyone is busy i guess; looooool you guys are insane


why is that?

Also, we are training more today and they said it’ll get messy, and trust me, me making something, yeah, things get messy


the whole dramatic revival thingy you people did up; I’m having exams today and Monday.


the title of the thread says it all XD


:joy: I know; I had a long day so seeing that made me laugh


Hello crazy people. Whats up


Hey it’s been along time since I saw you.


I know. T_T I’ve been so busy


same, I have to stop writing, I have no time for anything lately, and now my time for catching up on school? That shit is fucking gone thanks to my new job, which when we open I won’t come home until fucking 10:30 (so 11 since that is when I get out) so I won’t have time to do shit until I get caught up, I feel like I’m fucking drowning in this shit

Yes, I cuss a lot when I am stressed the fuck out


don’t worry. I cuss a lot in general.

Take a deep breath and think about what needs to be done first. Like what’s the one with nearest deadline?


like I am literally about to flip the fuck out and I most likely will spend all of fucking Christmas Break doing stupid schoolwork


they’re all past due


I am literally 3 weeks behind


then which one is the latest?


All of them, pluss, I have this week coming up and the week after until break starts, I don’t wanna spend over TWO MONTHS doing nothing but homework 7 days a week, I can’t get put on medication for my ADHD or I won’t be comfortable driving because I know what that shit does to me, especially when I am driving, if it wasn’t for my dad being in the car before I had my doctor take me off, I would possibly have gotten in an accident because my focus is only on one thing at a time, and when I drive that is not what I should be doing


List all your past due school work first. From super late to late. Then rank it to hard to hardest. With all of it in a list, you can tackle those one by one.