We're All A Little Mad Here...


what jobs? and find any you really like?






How are you?


I’m good…a little tired but good…wbu


About the same. I just finished updating a chapter to a book, so I think I’m gonna go make some food.


no, I’m limited because of my age


What did you guys think of my aesthetics?


What is your book about?


I really liked them! and that’s got to stink. At least there are some jobs that are open so that you can get some expirence


I searched for bookstore jobs but they’re like an hour or more away


No local book stores?


not online hiring


I made another aesthetic, but am hesitant to share it since it has a woman in lingerie on it…but it fits the character…


Why not just do an in store application


I keep telling my parents to take me around the city but their response is “most places hire online now”


Go yourself?


gotta watch my sisters and it’s winter and it is raining, meaning ice, and I have nothing warm to wear


Try next time you go into the city and ask your parents then to swing by since your already out and about?


I made one last aesthetic, this one took forever and it was difficult, it started out as a disaster, I had to change all the images but the bird