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I plan to break up my homework and schoolwork by subject and day

Total tally of assignments:

Algebra: 12 Tuesday
Earth Science: 12 Monday
English: 18 Wednesday
Sociology: 15 Thursday
Career Planning: 13 Friday

Weekend is whatever I can’t get done


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been busy this weekend and right now decorating my room with more Christmas stuff.


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“Emperor Cain, Prince Xerxes!” A male Velve said, he had dark blue skin and long, slicked back black hair. “We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival, we have accommodations set up for you and your men.” He said, his four fangs flashing as he grinned while they all unmounted. Velve soldiers approached, the Lux’ela guards reaching for their weapons and magic at the same time. When the soldiers simply took the reins of the horses, they all relaxed. “Come, this way. You shall not be harmed. We shall first be mee-” The Velve said being cut off by the emperor.

“Yes, meeting with the Blood Council and their apprentices, I know, I am an emperor, after all, not a half-wit. I got my position not through good looks or manipulation, nor by birthright, I got it because I had what it took to take the throne back from my brother after he was driven mad. Idiots do not wear crowns. Fools can, but even a fool is aware of what they are doing and where they are going. Do not hold my hand and treat me like a child or you will soon discover what it is like to anger me.” Emperor Cain growled.

How does this sound? Good? I for some reasn am hearing the actor for Tywin Lannister’s voice coming out of Emperor Cain’s mouth


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Emperor Cain just burned that Velve escort :joy::rofl:


The speech from the emperor seem doesn’t sound inspire and explain everything literally.


it isn’t a speech


“Come now, old friend, let us drink some boz’eri together before we meet with the sophisticated Velves…leeches are only out for one thing from us Marco, and that’s our blood. Supposedly it’s purest, they complain that since they have no magic, it is only right they get the blood that can make them strongest. Weak my royal ass…” Xerxes growled, suddenly in a dark mood. “But if surrendering our blood in exchange for their Blackwood is what it takes to ensure we have no need to shed needless blood between us, then we shall do it.” He sighed, pacing over to the bottle of dark boz’eri. The capital wasn’t far from here, nestled securely between the Eclipse Mountains, it made it difficult to attack as on the other side nothing but forest and mountains were sprawled about, eventually reaching the rocky coast where almost nothing could survive, the water was frozen almost the entire year.

“You know what they do to their criminals? If the offense is bad enough?” Marco asked.

“They rip the criminal’s fangs out, all of them, then if they offend once more they toss them to the shoreline where land meets endless sea.” Xerxes said, “if the offense is bad enough, they rip the fangs out then exile them immediately. No fangs, means no Blood Influence.” He told Marco.

“I can only imagine what pain that would cause them, to be unable to Influence, it isn’t just about beauty, it truly is a matter of survival for them. It is said that if they go long enough, the cravings become physically painful, they feel as fragile as a thin sheet of glass. Their bones will become brittle, their skin papery. Just breathing would cause immense pain, and could even kill them at that point.” Emperor Cain, Xerxes’ father, said as he walked in.

“And that is our problem? What do they even need protecting from? Nobody has declared war on the Velves other than us!” Xerxes argued, his dark blue eyes turning darker.

“Exactly, that war would have continued and without our blood, with the power that our light gives? We could have maybe killed them, or they killed us, or both. It is because we agreed to parlay and drafted the treaty between the Velves and the Lux’ela that we are standing here, in this room, preparing to leave in the morning to meet with the Blood Council, and, should all go well, with the Velven Empress.” Emperor Cain said.

“If we ask them, if we ask her for more Blackwood they will demand more blood in return, we are nothing but cattle for them.” Xerxes growled.

“I understand this is a topic you are passionate about, it pains me as well to sell ourselves to them for their wood, but that wood? It goes to making sure our people have a home and that we have weapons to fight the Mal’ela and even the Velves with, should they become too bloodthirsty. Sometimes, a good decision looks bad, but that is only because you keep yourself ignorant of the wrong one, which is even uglier than the good. Doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing can often be the same, but it is when a decision is hard to follow through with that you know it is the right one. Why? Because doing the right thing is never easy, and if it is, you must ask yourself what else you are missing. Those who wear the crown can never afford to be fools, Xerxes, and someday, you will be Emperor when my light leaves me.” His father said. Xerxes’s eyes lightened back to their normal color, his anger ebbing at his father’s words. This was one of the few subjects that could spark his anger so easily, and his father knew it. “Rest now, in the morning we meet with the Blood Council and their apprentices.”

This is him and Xerxes having an argument and him ending it by giving the Prince a bit of a speech


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