We're All A Little Mad Here...


Sleepy I want to go to bed but I can’t.


I’m bored in school


What do you want to talk about?


Anything the sky is the limit


Do you like villain song?


What is that song


no I mean Disney villain songs


Ah well a little they aren’t bad even though it was a while since I last heard one


do you like rock songs?




do you like cats


yes and dogs too.


hi, im using wattpad for threeyears and i decided to write a book, and im just wondering if u guys have any tips or advice to get more reads?



Me too I want a new kitten even though I have 2 cats already


It depends on the story, some of mine doesn’t have much readers view.


Hi try to ask people to try and read it and say what they think and try to have a good cover and a good story description so people gets intrigued and wanna read it also try to update as much as possible because if you update regularly people want to keep reading more


yeah I’m gonna be that lady with 20 cats and no man nah kidding hopefully


well if you guys like teen fiction, you might want to read mine hehe


What’s it about