We're Rebranding!



Hey everyone,

Gabby here from Wattpad HQ! :blush: Just wanted to share some exciting news about some changes you might’ve noticed around Wattpad. We’re rebranding!

At Wattpad, our vision is to entertain and connect the world through our stories. By evolving our brand identity, we want to better reflect the diversity of Wattpadders across the globe and our commitment to you. And it looks so much prettier, too! :tada:


We’re starting to roll out February 6th on both Android and iOS. This is a staggered roll out, but don’t worry, over the oncoming weeks it’ll be available to everyone! You’ll be seeing these changes come to the web in March 2019.

What’s changing?

  • A new logo!
  • Colour changes across platform.
  • Our tagline is moving from “Stories you’ll love” to “Where stories live”, to better represent the community that is the heart of Wattpad.

What’s not changing?

  • Everything else! Wattpad will still function the same way, and you can continue to upload, read, and connect over stories as you would usually. Wattpad will still be the place you call home, we’re just redecorating.

If you liked to know more, I’d recommend checking out our Rebrand Hub for some insight into why we’re making these changes, and you can always check out this Help Center article as well! And, as always, I and the rest of the team are happy to answer any questions.

All the best,

Gabby :blush:

Count to xxx before a mod posts Vol 16

When will you allow Ambs to make new profile pictures for the different engagement profiles and Amb profiles?


It’s looking good! :+1:


Are there any plans to change the vote/star button to a like/thumbs-up instead? Readers seem cautious about voting. Thanks


We’re currently in contact with the ambassadors who are running official engagement profiles to reflect the new branding as soon as possible!


Well, we think you have great taste! :grin:


Great. Thanks

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It’s beautiful, savvy and has a great tagline :slight_smile:


I love the new tagline


i love this idea. I always feel like im pulling teeth trying to get my readers to engage in the story. I barely get votes and its frustrating as a writer. I want to know if people like what im posting. It encourages me to keep writing, other wise i feel like im just wasting time writing a story that no one reads. :roll_eyes:


But I’m an old man and hate change!!! WAH!!!

In all seriousness though, sounds like a great idea. I’ll get over the knee jerk disapproval of the new logo and colour scheme in a few weeks.


Some tutorial I read somewhere said just to ask, very nicely, if readers would vote. I did that on chapter 3 and my votes really increased. I’m very new, but half the readers have voted. So nice of them.


Not too keen on the new logo. It reminds me of another site, and I just can’t put my finger on which.


I’m loving the new look so i welcome the new logo and and colours. I love a good fresh UI change.


I’m sorry, but everyone I talked to so far disliked the new logo and wants the old back. Maybe think about changing it back because I didn’t see a reason for a change to the new one from the beginning. It’s like Wattpad just wants to look cool and modern but… It just doesn’t.


I have to agree with Lollypolly the new logo is Bullshit.
It wants to be modern but Wattpad is not modern.
Wattpad is a community of people who have the same hobby.
Nobody is here because Wattpad is cool or so.
I want the old logo back because that was the best.


Do people get the choice of colours if they don’t pay? Or are we still all stuck with the one interface colour?


Yeah, it doesn’t feel warm and cuddly anymore :confused:


Unpopular Opinion: I love the new change. It looks so modern and suitable for the current century. Personally, the old style was getting boring and the change is definitely a pleasant welcome for me. >_< I only feel bad for those who hate the current format.